6 July 2007

Yellow apron

Here it is, the yellow apron with cross over straps. It feels really comfy and I like that there are no ties to do up.

I started my sourdough sponge and it died! I left it sit for a while in the bowl and although it was suppose to rise a little, nothing happened. It looked dead and had stopped fermenting, so I've started again. Hopefully I can get to it again over the weekend.



  1. The apron looks lovely. No around the neck strap is always so much more comfortable I think.

  2. I only managed to do a quarter of what you did today Rhonda!

    That apron looks very nice. What does the back look like though? I'm curious!

  3. Sourdough sponge can take ages to rise. It needs a warmish and constant temperature to get going and even then it can be slow.

    Cool slow rises for the dough (once made), say overnight give the sourdough a blistery skin when baked.

    The apron is sweet.

  4. oh how beautiful!

  5. Rhonda,
    I have been a sourdough keeper for many many years. If your starter is new it needs to be fed regularly to get it strong. I feed mine twice a day every day.

    I use it for bread 4 hours after a feeding. That seems to be its "prime time."

    Hope that helps.

  6. All right, I'm back, but just for a quick sec. I just had to tell you, your apron is beautiful! Wonderful job. Can't wait to see a photo of *you* poking around the kitchen in it! Also, the kale and sausage sounds so delicious. We're really big fans of kale, too. I want to see if I can find some of the type of seed that you use.

  7. Thanks everyone.

    Eilleen, if you click the "jewels blog" link in my "tomatoes for breakfast" post, you'll see the back of a similar apron.

    Nada and Kim, thanks for the sourdough tips. I have half of the old one in the fridge and will continue to feed it. In the meantime, I've made another one, with a small amount of added yeast. The recipe is from the New York Times. It's almost ready to bake and I'll post a photo when it's done.

    I love that we can help and advise each other even though we'd a million miles apart. : )

  8. Dear Rhonda,
    I would really like to make this apron. Would you be so kind to tell me where I can find the pattern ?
    Greetings from me from Holland, Charlotte (charlottenas@hotmail.com)


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