18 July 2007


I slept the sleep of the dead last night, boy, was I tired. After two big days at the Neighbourhood Centre I am ready to put my feet up and relax. As if! The truth is that I’ll fill my day with small chores that will help me regain my sense of being in my own space and along the way, will relax me. Sitting around all day doesn’t feel as good to me as resting between chores. I guess it’s the sense of balance I get by working slowly with a purpose and looking forward to that feeling of accomplishment when I’ve finished what I’m doing. Then relaxation feels right.

So what’s on my agenda today? Hmmmm, let’s see. First I need to redress myself as I’m sitting here with my jumper on backwards. LOL! I just felt the label on my throat. When H is awake, we’ll have breakfast – he will have eggs and tomatoes on toast with tea, I’ll have either porridge or toast with tea. I’ll make up my mind when I walk into the kitchen. Then …
Wash up and clean up the kitchen
Sweep the floors
Make the bed
Make bread
Talk to the chooks and check out the fruit trees they scratched around yesterday
Check the seedlings and aquaponics gardens
Check what I need for soap making tomorrow and go to the store to buy requirements
Morning tea
Phone Kerry to congratulate him on his first big promotion to Chef de Partie (he phoned with the news when I was out yesterday)
Sewing – I’m making some house warming gifts to give to my friend Kathleen when we visit her in August
Sweep front verandah
Water vegetables and pick something for dinner
Make dinner and eat
Wash dishes and tidy kitchen

I wonder if someone can help me with something. I have a good wool jumper here that is felted - H washed it in the washing machine. I'm thinking of using it to make a small tote bag or a tea cosy. Can someone tell me if I'm one the right track? Do I need to wash it again or treat it in any way? Any tricks I need to know about before I cut it out?


  1. Hi Rhonda Jean,
    Your kitchen is so pretty. Very Homey looking. As for the skirt I would just use as is.
    You are rubbing off on me. Tonight I recieved a book in the post and I carefully opened it so I could reuse the envelope. LOL
    Have a beautiful day.

  2. No need for special treatment on the jumper if it's totally felted. You shouldn't be able to see individual stitches. If it's a solid fabric, just cut away and it will be fine!

  3. Even lightly felted, your jumper should work for what you wanted to do.

    I think I need to start making lists of what I need to get done around the house.

  4. I have always been a list person and today I have a long one as there's plenty to day both inside and out. I know what you mean about resting between chores ~ that sense of accomplishment is great :)

  5. I have seen gorgeous handbags made out of felted jumpers. It was some time ago. Try googling Pozy Gets Cozy or Soulemama -- it was one of those two sites.

  6. Love your kitchen, it is so you! Can't offer any advice on using the felted jumper, but I have to admit I am curious to see some before and after pics :)

  7. I made a bag out of an old felted jumper a couple of months ago. If you're not sure if it is felted enough just cut a little in a bit you won't be using - if it gives a clean edge and doesn't look as if it will fray then it will be fine.

    I did find the strap on my bag has stretched with wear though so you might like to bear that in mind.

  8. good to see you're reusing your envelopes, Elizabeth.

    Mary, it is solid with no stitches visible. Thank you.

    Eilleen, I never used to be a list maker, and I don't make them every day, but they do help organise me when I do.

    It is indeed, Ali. : )

    Kate and Lisa, thank you. I'll post some pics when I make it.

    Willow, thanks for the tip about the strap.


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