19 July 2007

Falling in love with yellow

I've never been a lover of the colour yellow. I'm more a blue, green or lavender kind of gal. But now I'm surprising myself in that I love all things yellow. H and are just about to paint the interior of the house. We've lived here for ten years and we want to look after our home well, within the confines of a frugal household budget, so we're doing all the work ourselves, and, I have to say, we're enjoying it.

We bought our paint yesterday. After much discussion we decided on Milk Maiden - a chalky creamy milk yellow for the walls and Smoke Ring - a bluish grey, for the doors and trims. I'm saving for some new curtains too. They'll be a heavy cotton, dark red and white, large gingham. I'll be making them myself, using the old fittings and lining. I had the old curtains professionally sewn and the lining is still in good condition. We have a couple of holes where chairs have rubbed against the curtains but most of the fabric is still serviceable. I'll be making cushion covers with some of the old curtains, and transferring one pair, that are still in good repair, to a bedroom. Nothing will be wasted.

The good thing is that we'll be keeping the house in good condition with minimal money spent. I think the entire job will cost us around $450. Most of that is coming from our change jar.

photographed the colour swatches here, and a sample of the curtain fabric and although the colours aren't exactly right, you'll get the general idea.

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