2 July 2007

Mainstream media

I'm fighting to go to work today as my hip is still giving me curry. I hate being sick or incapacitated in any way so I refuse to stay home. I'm going to talk H into coming to work with me so he can do all the running around and help the ladies set up for sewing circle.

While I was sitting around doing next to nothing yesterday, I got to thinking about how much the simplicity and sustainability lifestyles have gained momentum in the past 18 months. When I helped start the aussieslivingsimply website, there was almost nothing being written in Australia about how much we all needed to change. Then the drought and weather patterns started to catch everyone's attention and it started to slowly change.

I think the internet and blogs have taken a leading role in getting information to people so they can think about what is happening and what they need to do to be ready for a new way of living. As usual, politics and mainstream media continue to follow while they falsely believe they lead.

Last week I was contacted by a Today Tonight producer. This man wanted to know the best place to do a story on small community living that incorporates bartering and growing food. I suggested Crystal Waters, which is a permaculture village close to where I live. It's been going since the 70s and is still a thriving village. The producer knew nothing about simple living but had heard about peak oil, however, that was the full extent of his knowledge in this area.

So I guess that program will be on in the next month or so. I don't watch TV at 6.30 so I doubt I'll see it but I hope they do justice to such an important topic. As much as I doubt the integrity of mainstream media in general, we do need it to get the message out to ordinary Australians that they must change. This program probably won't be important in the overall scheme of things but I hope it is part of a momentum of information about change that needs to happen. Fast.
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