11 July 2007

A simple church

I've been meaning to post these photos for a while. I took them when we attended the funeral of a dear friend of H's a couple of months ago.

The Purga Creek Church and School sit isolated at the end a long, dry and dusty part-dirt road, west of Ipswich. The church is a non-denominational timber church about 100 years old, the interior is unlined
and unpainted. It is truly a simple and beautiful church.
The school house next door started out as a school for aboriginal children. It's stood empty and silent for at least the past 50 years. But both these buildings show the authentic beauty of funtional buildings that are built for a specific purpose and used for that purpose by ordinary people. Although they are not grand and prestegious buildings, I love how those people who went to church and school here look great care of their buildings, so although they are simple structures, they survived the years and are standing strong today. It's a testament to the generations before ours who valued what they had and made sure the buildings they used were cared for.

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