4 July 2007

Hugs all around today

I'm really happy to be able to sit here now without the pain of the past few days. When you're usually healthy and something like this lays you low, it puts a lot of things in perspective.

I was very touched by your messages of support and the good wishes sent my way. I tell you, when I was at my lowest and came to check the blog it made me smile to see that many of you were thinking of me. I really appreciate your kindness. There are hugs all around today.

I'm still taking it easy and I've been banned off working at home today so I'll have some time to spend on the computer. As I haven't done any photos for a couple of days, I thought I'd post these stitcheries of mine to make up for the lack of pix. If anyone wants to do any of these themselves, I still have the original drawings and would be happy to load them on the site so you can download them and start stitching.

Come back later in the day as I'll be writing about the sourdough and will share a little sourdough related project I worked on while sitting still.

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