27 July 2007

And a not so frugal dinner

Here we all are out having dinner last night at the local German restaurant. The boys both ate four courses and it was very interesting listening to their expert discussion about what they were eating and the wording of the menu. Being chefs I guess they never really leave work behind as they have food in their lives every day.

I had one of these organic wheat beers and that filled me up, and then a plate of steamed vegies and a dumpling and could eat no more. The others all had pretzels, potato soup with frankfurts, various types of pork, sauerkraut, red cabbage, dumplings, potatoes, salad, sour cherry dessert, apple strudel, beers, (complimentary) schnapps and coffee. We were sitting next to an open fire, it was warm and comfy, the company was excellent, we had a few laughs, talked non-stop and generally had a wonderful time together. It wasn't a frugal meal but the memories are priceless.

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