6 July 2007

Tomatoes for breakfast

There is a busy day ahead of me. My back pain is almost gone and I need to catch up on my housework. First step will be to check the sourdough starter as later in the day I'll be baking my first sourdough bread. I'll put on a load of washing before breakfast and when H wakes up we'll eat together. He shouldn't be too long because our cat Hettie is serenading him with her wild howls right outside the bedroom window. LOL Breakfast today will be eggs and tomato on rye bread and black tea.

After brecky I'll make the bed, hang the washing on the line, sweep and wash the floors and make the bread. Morning tea break on the front verandah will be tea and biscuits - I made some chocolate chip biscuits yesterday so they are still nice and fresh. I'll do a bit of knitting while I have my break too. I'm knitting fingerless gloves for my sister and my friend Kathleen.

When we feel rested and inclined to work again, I'll clean the bathroom and the laundry room. My elder son Shane is coming over on Sunday and I want to make some brownies for him. I'll freeze them so he can take them home and have some home made treats when he wants them. Hopefully the bread will be ready then and we'll eat lunch.

After lunch I'll be making another apron, similiar to the crossover strap one in Jewels blog (thanks Robbie). I have some lovely yellow cotton fabric that's been waiting for a project just like this one. I have about six aprons now but most of them are old and need replacing. I'd like to have some new aprons that I feel proud to wear when I have visitors staying.

I won't be making dinner tonight as H would like to pick the kale in the back garden and cook that will some kassler and smoked pork sausage. He likes making that himself, although I help a little by adding apple cider and pepper, he hasn't yet got the knack of seasoning, so I add this and that and he is delighted with how good his meal tastes. I never tell him, I want him to think he's created a masterpiece all by himself. I'll be having leftover Italian bean casserole for my dinner. I still have lemons to juice so I might also make a lemon dessert of some kind, but if I don't have time, that can be tomorrow's chore. If you have some good lemon recipes, please share them with me as I'm drowning in lemons and all the people I know don't want any more.

I hope there will also be time late afternoon for knitting, a look around the garden and a talk with the chooks and dogs. And hopefully I'll tidy my work table before I go to bed. If I don't get it all done, tomorrow is another day.

I'll be back later to add to this and to read your comments. ; )
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