5 July 2007

Home made

Now that my sons are almost 26 and 27, I find it difficult at times to remember back when they were this little. This is Kerry on the left and Shane on the right. They were 4 and 5 years old when this photo was taken. They've still got those twinkles in their eyes and are still the most beautiful people you could hope to meet.


  1. Wonderful photo's - and memories. :-) I'm at the other end of the spectrum at the moment - my children are 9, 6 and 3. But I can see how quickly they're be grown. Time goes by so quickly.


  2. True words those, Jodi. I'm not really sure where those years went. I am thankful that we are still very close with our sons and see or talk to them several times a week.

  3. The time seems to go in the blink of an eye. My baby boy will be 20 in a few weeks and it will be the first time for 15 years that I won't have a teenager :(
    They are beautiful looking boys Rhonda. It is lovely to look back at that innocence and look at the fine young men they have turned into. I know just how you feel :)

  4. Previous comment from Michelle :)

  5. Good morning Rhonda Jean :o) Beautiful bright-eyed boys and your love for, and sweet friendship with, them as adult men is very precious, indeed. They both have such lovely eyes--Kerry's eyes reminded both Rosie, and me, of my dear grandbaby girl, Josie's eyes. I cried when I saw the treasure that your sister created while walking alongside your mama, and saying goodbye. You will truly cherish that for always. Every single photo of your bread is art. Oh the temptation that would be set before me, if it were possible to reach through the screen (I know, I know, revelation, here--I didn't immediately strike you as the thieving type, did it?? Although I do think that *you'd* be partly to blame--don't you?? :o) It's such a joy visiting you each day. Thanks for the wonderful patterns--I can't wait to begin stitching one. I'll be writing just as soon as time allows.
    Warmly, Jewels
    Have a beautiful day, dear Rhonda Jean.

  6. michelle, isn't is great to raise sweet children into strong adults. It gives me a lot of pleasure to know that my boys grew into such fine men.

    Jewels, I am happy to share bread with you any day, my friend. When Shane and Kerry were younger, people often commented on their eyes. Kerry has greenish eyes, like mine, and Shane has his Dad's eyes. I remember Josie's bright blue eyes and yes, they are like Kerry's. I hope Celeisa is bright and happy today after her fall.


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