7 July 2007

Sourdough and biscuits

I feel like I have my full strength back now. I have no back pain at all. Yay!

I didn't make brownies for Shane yesterday as I didn't have enough chocolate on hand, so today I made him a stack of white chocolate chip biscuits. H and I had one each for morning tea and although they're a bit sweet, they are nice. I find most American recipes too sweet for the average Australian taste so I cut the sugar back to one cup instead of the recipe's 1.5 cups. I think it could come back again to half what the recipe calls for, so three-quarters of a cup (total) of white and brown sugar. The recipe is here.

This is the sourdough about half way through its final rise.
I'll be putting int in to bake soon.
The sourdough saga continues. Kim advised to keep feeding the starter, so I have half my original starter still in the fridge and it's been fed twice today. I also made up another sourdough starter yesterday afternoon and it's been bubbling away nicely overnight and all today. It's almost ready to bake. This is the recipe I used here. When the bread is out of the oven, you'll be the first to see the snaps.
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