18 July 2007

Three things I wish my mum had told me

The 90/10 principle.
I spent the first 30 years of my life expecting the exeptional to be the norm but ninety percent of life is not exceptional in any way. The big moments - the births of babies, recognising true love and getting married, are fleeting moments and are encapsulated in the extraordinary ten percent. The rest of the time, all there is is life - the taking one breath at a time kind of thing that surely can't be enough to get up for each morning, yet it is.

Do, don't just know.
You build an authentic life by not just reading about what you want to do, but also by doing it. Experience is the thing. It surpasses just knowing.

Learn to knit and sew.Well, to be fair she did tell me that, but I refused to listen. Now, at almost 60, I'm playing catchup learning technique and pushing myself beyond scarves, mittens and tea cosies.
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