19 July 2007

A year's worth of dishcloths

Our older son, Shane, came over to see us this morning on his way home from Brisbane. I cooked him breakfast of golden yellow eggs and brandywine tomatoes on toast, and we had a cuppa together. He told me he wants to go to France next year and live there for a few years. He's a chef, so I guess it's no great surprise that he chose France. It was a lovely, if unexpected, visit.

Instead of hopping back on the bus I offered to drive him home. He lives in a small house on Lake Currimundi, about a 20 minute drive from here. I love driving my kids around as they tell me about their lives when I do. There is something about the confines of a car that induces them to talk, non-stop. So in the car is usually where I am told about girl friends, new plans, hiccoughs with spending, their latest culinary masterpieces and the general state of their lives. I'm happy to say that most of it is good to hear. I love that they both still talk with me about their lives and every time they get out of the car and walk away, I smile and wonder how lucky I am to have such wonderful and interesting sons.

I had been hoping to go to the local Spotlight store this week as I knew they had Supremo pure cotton yarn on sale for $2.99. I dashed in and bought four balls on the way back home. I now have enough good cotton to make a year's worth of dishcloths, although some of them will inevitably end up as gifts with my home made soap. H and I give each other $10 a week pocket money, which is given as a $40 payment once a month, and may be spent on anything our hearts desire. I spent $11.96 this morning but it is rare that I spend much of my $40. It usually ends up in the change jar.

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