Thank you

3 July 2007
Hello everyone. I have a pinched sciatic nerve so I can't sit at the computer for long. The good news is there is an improvement since yesterday and I hope to be back tomorrow.

Thank you for all your good wishes. I really appreciate it. : )


  1. Glad you're on the mend.:) I know from personal experience how painfull a pinched a sciatic nerve is! Ali (jasali)

  2. Bless your heart! Sending up prayers for your speedy healing.

  3. Aw Rhonda,
    Hope your feeling better real soon...Hate that sort of pain


  4. Get well soon Rhonda, just to let you know will be posting that parcel off today for the community centre. Neisha.

  5. Hope the pain subsides soon! Make sure to stretch and drink plenty of fluids! Have you attempted to use pressure points to increase the blood and oxygen flow to that region? It won't get rid of the pain but it may help some of it to subside for a bit. Take it easy!

  6. My thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery...We miss you Rhonda
    Please take care of you.

  7. Sorry to hear that you have been in pain, but glad to hear it is getting better.


  8. Ouch! I hope you feel better soon. I don't know what I'll do without your daily dose of wonderful advice!! :)

  9. awww, thank you so much for thinking of me. You are such a lovely bunch of ladies. : )

  10. hey there, its casey from cincinnati. I know exactly what your going through. Since i was 16 i have suffered from scolliosis which has caused my sciatic nerve to be pinched. I am now 24 and will always deal with this issue. A great stretch position to help this is called leg up the wall. lay on your back and scoot to a wall to where ur sitting on the wall almost and put your leggs up the wall. keep your feet flat like your standing on the cealing and lay for a bout five to ten minutes. it wont get the nerve unpinched but the stretch of your legs will feel so much better than the pain of the pinch feels bad, least thats how i deal with it. get better and keep kickin -casey


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