20 July 2007

Homemade condensed milk

To make the equivalent of a tin of condensed milk:

1/3 cup hot water
2/3 cup sugar
1 cup powdered milk - this can be full cream or skim milk
3 tablespoons butter

Melt the sugar in the hot water, then put all your ingredients into a food processor or blender. Mix slowly at first until everything is combined, then use high speed until everything is smooth.



  1. What a great recipe Rhonda! And it solves the problem for those people who don't want to use Nestle condensed milk. :)

  2. Hi Eilleen. Yes, it tastes just like the canned stuff too. I admit though I hadn't thought about the Nestle connection. Thanks for telling us. : )

  3. Rhonda, can you substitute it in recipes for cheesecakes etc?

  4. oh my word...this recipe would have saved my hide so many times when I forgot the can o' condensed milk for a recipe (that I bought all the other ingredients for...


  5. I have a question - is this regular condensed milk or what is referred to as sweetened condensed milk - a thicker, sweeter (obviously) version of regular condensed milk... the kind used in fudge...(can't think of any other recipes using it right now...)
    Grandma Carla in Idaho

  6. Lisa, yes, it can be used in cheesecakes.

    Carla, it's the sweetened condensed milk. We call the other milk "evaporated milk" here. You could certainly use this in your fudge recipe.

  7. Fustlés' Condensed Milk was/is a luxury for us ~ Mum would buy it as a treat for herself & allow herself a spoonful a day; IF we were really good & lucky, we'd be allowed a spoonful, too. I rarely buy it because usually I can only get Nestlé & it's a luxury I can't justify unless I'm making coconut ice as a present
    Thank you. Can I make it without a food processor?

  8. killi, yes you could make it without a food processor. You'd need to beat it a lot, enough to incorporate the butter and dissolve the sugar. But it could be done. : )

  9. I cheated ~ I made myself a coffee & used the water left in the kettle to make mixing easier. I started with the butter & sugar, then mixed in the powdered milk & added the water.
    I pointed a Canadian friend your way after telling her about your recipes, I hope you don't mind

  10. Can you tell me please, what would I use sweetened condensed milk in (other than fudge - as you can tell I haven't used it much before)!
    Thanks, Amy

  11. Amy - you can use it to make a rather sinful caramel for banoffee pie ;)

  12. wish I'd seen this before
    sure saved a buck or two
    esp. by keeping the 'dries' in an empty coffee can + lid


  13. Hi Rhonda,
    Unfortunately I've lent my copy of your book to a friend and now can't find the vanilla bean ice cream recipe on your site either. Could you please post a link for me to find the ice cream recipe again. We tried it last month and it was delish!

  14. Penny, here it is:

  15. Thanks so much Rhonda!
    You saved desert. :)


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