10 July 2007


I've just realised that Frugal Gifts is my 100th blog post. I've been blogging almost eight weeks and so far, I'm loving it. I thought you might like some stats to go with the 100th post, so here goes.
There have been 2,998 pageloads this month, and 9,893 in total. So far there have been 3787 visitors. This is the summary map for past week.

This is yesterday's visitors list:

298 - 61.57%

121 - 25.00%
United States

42 - 8.68%
United Kingdom

8 - 1.65%

6 - 1.24%
New Zealand

3 - 0.62%

2 - 0.41%

2 - 0.41%

1 - 0.21%

1 - 0.21%

It's been wonderful to see so many Australians reading my blog but I also like the visitors from so many far off lands. Thank you to everyone who reads regularly. I appreciate and look forward to all your comments, so keep them coming.

If there is something you'd like me to write about
, or if you have any questions. Please send an email. And thank you for being part of my blog world.
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