26 July 2007

A frugal lunch

I've just returned from a very pleasant lunch with my fellow budgeting course presenters. There were about ten of us. Our parent organisation paid for us to meet and have lunch, so it was enjoyable and frugal.

I was the only one
there who didn't use the prescribed budgeting course, I wrote my own, but the other presenters really liked the frugal emphasis I gave my course and I've been asked to email it around to the others so they can use bits and pieces of it, or the full course if they so desire. The original course focused on budgeting and money, whereas I talked about that and showed them how to make a budget, then gave them strategies that would help them save. Those strategies are changing attitudes towards money, tracking spending, tips for saving electricity, water and petrol, maximising the potential of the money they had with careful grocery shopping and stockpiling, cooking from scratch and growing vegies etc. I also include a section on homemade recipes for laundry detergent, soap, bread etc.

Although I was very interested in what the other ladies where doing, it's a long time since I've spent time with people who aren't living simply and it amazed me that almost everything I said surprised them. After their initial shock though, they were all asking questions about how H and I live and get by. I forget that what we are doing is far from mainstream. Which is a pity.

I told the ladies about aussieslivingsimply and invited them to join up. All in all it was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours. We were sitting outside in the garden at the Mad Hatters Tea Rooms, about 3 minutes from my home.

The lunch menu was cream of mushroom
soup, sandwiches, tea and scones with jam and cream. I was just about to eat these sandwiches when one of the ladies mentioned how delicious the chicken was! I passed on these sandwiches and got a couple of salad ones instead.

Now I'm waiting for H to come home with Kerry. Tonight we eat out again. It's a long time since I've eaten out and I'm doing it for both lunch and dinner today. I'd better not get used to this. LOL


  1. It must be nice to forget. People around here never let me, every time I go into town, it seems like someone has to say something about the way I live.

  2. So glad to hear that you are getting lots of positive feedback about your budgeting course.
    I think you are doing the community a great favour sharing your knowledge, it has certainly helped me :)

  3. Must have been great to connect with other ladies who are also teaching your principles of budgeting, but nice also to be able to learn from each other :) I too have lkearnt a lot from you.


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