Welcome to the neighbourhood

15 July 2007

I wrote about neighbours yesterday and have been thinking since then about how we connect with others and become friends.

I failed to realise before now that we are all online neighbours. You, me and all the others, we are a new kind of neighbourhood. We might not see each other nor have the potential to hear voices, but we share, teach, encourage and comfort each other just like I remember it back in the 50s, when I was growing up. I remember our neighbours showing my mother their latest home-sewn dress or table cloth; I remember those same women teaching my mother to do things she couldn’t do, and I can still see her teaching others how to knit, make ice-cream and curl their hair with plastic rollers – the new craze. LOL We do all those things – with our computers and digital cameras, we show and tell, share our lives and encourage each other just as my mother’s neighbours once did.

We have built a beautiful, caring, thoughtful and open-hearted online neighbourhood in Blogdom and I for one am very pleased to be a part of it. Some of my readers comment that I am generous and share, and I do, it is something I think carefully about every day. I believe that generosity makes us better people and to encourage other women, and to share what I know, is one of the most important things I can do at this stage of my life. But how many others are doing that in our blog neighbourhood? Lots. It is what powers this part of the internet. It is where we gain our energy and strength. Sharing our lives makes us part of this neighbourhood.

We are the leaders here. We have no politicians and no rules. The blog neighbourhood is what we have made it – a place of friendship, encouragement and learning. This, my friends, is how real life should be, but usually isn’t. My hope is that the loving spirit of our online neighbourhood will overflow into every one's life and bubble out into the wider community via random acts of kindness and sharing.

Now if only I could work out how to borrow a cup of sugar online, I’d be set. : )