25 July 2007

Family time

I'm looking forward to tomorrow because my son Kerry will be here. He lives on the Gold Coast now, where he works as a chef de partie. It's always a good time when he comes home but as tomorrow will be his 26th birthday, it will be a very special few days. He doesnt want us to buy him a birthday gift but he does want to go to one of his favourite restaurants around here - King Ludwigs, so our little family of four will head up into the mountains for his birthday dinner.

When he comes home he says it's like booking into a resort. He can sleep late, he has his meals made for him and he goes out to visit his friends. I'll get him to check out my iPod while he's here. He and I have the same type - a nano, and I can't work out how to direct my podcasts to the podcast directory. It's good to have a techno-savvy boy around again.

Later today I'll go to the organic butcher and buy a leg of lamb. Kerry loves a roast dinner so I'll make him his favourite as well as a mocha chocolate birthday cake. When I'm out I'll drive by the fabric store and pick up my curtain material. I'm going for a dark red and white cotton gingham, which should go well with the yellow.

H has just gone to buy some panadol for his sore head. I told him to take it easy when he comes home. No work today for him. I'll set him up on the front verandah, where it is warmish and sunny, and he can read and drink hot tea all morning.

I'm hoping to get some time for soap making this afternoon and if I do, I'll have the photos and tutorial online tomorrow. I'm making this soap for gifts and to give to my boys. They love using my soap. Kerry, who has a tendency to slight eczema, says it's the only soap he can use without breaking out or being itchy, so it's good to know they are appreciated.

For all the ladies in the swap. I hope to have everyone connected very soon. A few people have asked what, exactly, the swap is. It is for ONE handmade dish or wash cloth. If you want to include anything else, that is up to you. I just want everyone to be open to a new experience, to make new friends and to have fun with it. : )


  1. I just wanted to come by and tell you how much I enjoy your blog!
    I too am a soapmaker and it's fun to do!
    Thank you for sharing your darling stitching patterns, I am trying to figure out how I can get them from my computer and onto cloth.
    Once I do that, I am on my way to making some darling things!

    Thank you so much for sharing :)

  2. Sounds like it should be a wonderful celebration with the 4 of you together! How great! I hope your son has a very happy birthday! Your redecorating sounds wonderful....it's always nice to have a little change and to have everything sort of go together. An organized environment seems to help create an organized mind.....hope you are well!

  3. Welcome Kelley, thank you for visiting. The way I transfer the patterns to cloth is to get a sharpish dark pencil, pin the pattern to the cloth and hopefully it shows through enough to trace. If I had heavier cloth I used my DIL's back light thing - maybe it's called a light box. It is a box with a piece of glass on the face and a light behind it. But basically you trace it on, however it works best for you.

    I'll be posting some more patterns soon. I have a heap of them and you are most welcome to share.

    Simply authentic, yes, it will be a wonderful celebration. I've just come back from the store and didn't get my curtain material. I wanted a heavy Madras cotton and they only have poly cotton. Ack! My sister said she'll buy some in Sydney and bring it up when she visits next week. I am well, thank you, I hope you are too.
    I send warm hugs to you.

  4. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family :)

  5. Sounds like it will be great fun Rhonda - I too love cooling special meals for my children's birthdays. I know you will enjoy your time together!

  6. How nice to have Kerry home for a bit, happy 26th birthday to him! My eldest will be off pretty soon. She wants to study in Melbourne. I know I'll treasure the times she's able to come home. Gosh, I'm getting ahead of myself - she's only in year eleven!

  7. Hello dear Rhonda Jean :o)
    A very happy birthday to Kerry. It sounds like it will be a wonderfully special shared time for you all. I hope you get just the right curtain fabric--good things come to those who wait, right! :o) Have a beautiful day. I hope H is feeling considerably better. I'm sure you lovingly dubbing on him made all the difference in the world!
    Lovingly, Jewels

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