7 June 2007

You're the leader, they just don't know it yet

These are the lettuces and rocket I'm growing at the moment. Lettuce is easy to grow at this time of year. You'll be eating the freshest possible salads if you grow your own.

Changing to a simple sustainable way of living can be difficult if you’re swimming against the tide of mainstream thinking. Many of your friends, and maybe your family too, will think you’re a bit strange, but don’t let that stop you. You will be leading the way, they just don’t know it yet.

If there are many aspects of your life that need changing, how do you decide which ones to concentrate on first? I’d suggest you start with the easy ones and work your way towards the more difficult tasks.

One of the easier things you can do is to learn how to read your electricity and water meters.



Make a page on your computer to record your readings and plan a strategy to reduce your consumption. Do it quietly, then show it to your family when you have a couple of weeks of meter readings. Make sure you record things like washing days, visitors, as well as the use of power tools, electronic toys etc

Grow some of your own food. You will notice a difference.

Another thing you could easily do in a quiet way is to change the way you shop. Start stockpiling and shopping at Aldi. Grow some of your own food, make your own bread, cook from scratch. You’ll notice a difference. Maybe you could put money you save towards your mortgage or a family holiday. Either way, your move towards a more simple life will benefit you and your family without them even being aware of the change.



  1. Gee Rhonda, don't let me know your blogging again will ya ;-P (insert cheeky laugh here)

    But seriously, great blog and as always great info. I have linked to you at the Nano farm, and will be a regular visitor (insert thumbs up emoticon here)

  2. thanks Kim. I was going to stay separate to our site but I was discovered by a few members. So...

  3. Good Kimble I thought it was just me who'd missed this!

    Looks great Rhonda!
    You've been very busy creating this valuable resource.

    Now I'll have to go and have a good read!
    I'll pop a link on my blog too!

  4. My sixth grade teacher said I was a natural leader. Maybe I'll prove him right some day.:-)
    I'm enjoying your blog Rhonda

  5. Hi. I just discovered your site. We seem to have a bit in common.
    I added you to my blogroll.

  6. Hi Rhonda, thanks for stopping by my blog. I've had a good look around yours and really enjoyed it. I'm guessing you live somewhere near Maleny. I would love to visit that area. Many of our friends have taken their families to visit all the "worlds" in Queensland but I'd most like to visit the Glasshouse Mountains area.
    I don't mind you using my red jumpers as your wallpaper, It's a nice cosy picture isn't it.

  7. scarecrow: thank you. I once thought the internet was a huge mess of anonymity. Wrong! I've added you here now.

    Thank you Polly.

    kmh, thanks for stopping by. I'll check your blog out later.

    Jenny: thank you for the photo. I've added one for you in my blog. Yes, I live near Maleny, at Landsborough. It's at the bottom of the mountain. I drive to Maleny to my volunteer job twice a week and took your photo on the way last week.

  8. Rhonda, like many, I own all your books and they are such valuable tools in our home. So I've decided to start reading your blog from start to finish during the Winter months. With the plethora of simple living literature now available, it reminds me that you forged the trail for a return to the simple living that I enjoyed during my childhood on a farm. The distraction of marketing and consumerism led me away from that path, but it's one to which I've gladly returned so I can pass the life skills I've learned to my daughter. Thank you for commiting all these life lessons to your blog and your books. It is so very greatly appreciated. Xx

    1. I'm really pleased my books and blog have helped you, Lisa, and I'm delighted that you intend to pass on your simple life ideas to your daughter. xx


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