13 June 2007

Disorganised and scatty

I was really disorganised and scatty at work yesterday. It didn't help that the day before was a public holiday so I tried to do two days work in one. My main problem was that I hadn't planned anything and hadn't written in my diary or notebook since I was at work last week. I used to have an excellent memory, I used to be strong and rarely got tired, but those things are now in the past for me. Now if I need to remember anything, I need to write it down; if I want my time at work to be productive, I need to plan out what I'm going to do before I get there.

I've realised I need to do that at home too, so from today I WILL be more organised. I have given myself a nice working area at home. It's our old kitchen table that I'm using close to my computer to do things like save and store seeds, keep my household journal, answer letters, write in my diary and various other tasks common to a sustainable home. The table is supposed to keep things organised and away from the kitchen table we now use. But the truth is that things still spill onto the kitchen table and my table here is a real mess.

When it's neat and organised it helps me to remain on track and just by looking at it, I get the feeling that I'm in control and all is well. However, when it gets to be like it is now, it does my head in and even if I'm organised on a particular day, looking at the mess on the table, cuts me off at the knees.

It's 6am now. I'm going to post this with a photo I just took of the table (please forgive me for adding my rubbish to the visual pollution of your day), I'm going to write my week in my diary so I know what I'm doing, and I'm going to clean up the desk as soon as I have breakfast. Then I will work on the "to do" list I have staring at me on my monitor. I have that Google dooverlacky that helps you with your daily tasks. I LOVE it because it's always at the side of my screen and I can add to it as soon as I think of things. Ladies and gentlemen, the list is a full one. I will be back.

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