8 June 2007


I'm not great with the crafts, but I don't let that stop me. The way I figure it is my worst effort is better than a one of a million clone from China. So I have a room I call "my sewing room" that contains a sewing machine, I have a fabric, wool and threads stash, I draw patterns for various projects I can see in my head and I am very enthusiastic. If all of those components come together as they are meant to, I produce items for my home and gifts that aren't too bad, even if I do say it myself.

The more I get into the handmade thing, the more I love it. You can make things that exactly suit the person you're giving to, you can match what's already in your home and you can weave something close to love into what you're making.

One of the things that totally amazed me when I first started reading blogs was the incredible talents of women working on crafts at home. I have been inspired (and deflated) by some of the beautiful creations I've seen in blogs. It keeps me wanting to do more sewing and knitting and to improve what I do. For instance: http://www.littlejennywren.blogspot.com/
Last week I finished this scarf I've been working on - it's for me when I'm working at my volly job. The neighbourhood centre I work at two days a week is in an old butter factory and it's mighty cold in there during winter. I've found that if I can keep my neck and hands warm, the rest of me stays warm too. Enter the scarf. I made it from some pure wool yarn that was given to me by an older lady who doesn't knit now.

My next project is to knit more dishcloths from this fabulous ball of pure cotton, hopefully I'll get two. I like to knit when I'm in the car or if I'm sitting on the front verandah. A simple dishcloth is so easy to knit, I can do it without looking. I feel like my mother when I do that. LOL
But many times when I'm in my sewing room, I look at what I have in there, I place buttons on fabric, I rearrange patches, fold strips and try to compose patterns in the hope of seeing another project come to life. I have enough fabric and wool to see me through a year or two of home productions, so if I can find real inspiration, I'll produce items for my gift cupboard and for my home, while using what I have on hand.


  1. I could probably go for a couple of years too without buying any supplies and make everything I want to. Thanks compliment by the way.

  2. Do you have a stitch you use for your cloths? What size needles and how big should a cloth be? Is there a pattern on your site?

  3. With my youngest daughter about to leave the nest .. I'm envisioning turning her bedroom .. in the not to distant future .. into a sewing room .. a place to permanently place my sewing machine .. and a door to shut when I'm in the middle of a project :)


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