15 June 2007

There is beauty lurking here

I’ve been trying to remember the point of transition, when I went from learning how to live simply and taking on one project at a time, to really living it. When does it change from being an experiment to a lifestyle?

I suppose the main starting point for me was to stop spending. When I did that and stood back to observe rather than take part in spending, I had a better understanding of how I was manipulated by advertising and my own expectations. It didn’t take long to change those expectations and to become content with what I had. Now I’m at a point where I haven’t been in a department store for a long time – probably three years. I forget the last time I did that kindof shopping.

Now I’m at that comfortable place of finding beauty and satisfaction in my everyday world. I find beauty in the strangest places
. I have found it while cutting hot bread, when harvesting tomatoes, and by extending the hand of friendship. One of these new friends is a 30ish homeless man who is squatting in a local vacant house. On the face of it, we would have nothing in common, but as we share my lunch when I’m at my voluntary job and we talk about books, Nietzsche, selfishness and generosity, there is beauty lurking. And even if I were the richest women on the planet, I couldn’t buy the feeling of contentment I feel at those times.



  1. Hi Rhonda Jean - I thought this post and your little pekin hens was a good place to say your blog is beautiful, and I look forward to being a regular visitor!

  2. thank you duck hearder. I look forward to your visits.


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