12 June 2007

Stealing from a blind man

I'm working at my volunteer job today. I usually go in Monday and Tuesday, but yesterday was a public holiday. I love my job. I meet the best people there and we are always doing something interesting.

Today we have two people from the Commonwealth Ombudsman's Office coming to give a talk and answer questions about dealing with Centrelink. Quite a few of the people who come to the Neighbourhood Centre are on some type of Centrelink payment so I know this workshop will be popular. I'll have to prepare our meeting room when I get there - put the chairs out and make morning tea so everyone can have a hot cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit when they arrive. I have a meeting after lunch about organising an event with the local relocalisation group in September. There will also be phones to answer, people to talk to and a bit of office work to do. It's always a full day there.

Since I worked last week, the Centre was broken into. It makes me angry and frustrated that anyone would steal at all, but to steal from a little neighbourhood centre that is run by volunteers and exists on donations is the lowest of the low. We had a laptop taken as well as some X Box games and a few odds and ends. The X Box games are part of our Youth Program. Who ever broke in opened every door with a screw driver, so we have to replace all the locks. The building also houses the local Flexischool and a few small businesses. They had things stolen too.

Maybe I'm too close to this but to me it's like stealing from a blind man. Taking advantage of the vulnerable, just because you can, is wicked. I know robberies and break ins are common now but stealing from an organisation that exists to help the poor and disadvantaged is about as low as you can get.
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