26 June 2007

The last thing

I've always been a very keen reader. There was a time when I would read a book every couple of days but that was when I had time to lounge around and indulge in the effortless pleasure of good books. Now I've changed my reading habits and I usually have two or three books to read at one time. I have one in the house somewhere, one next to my bed and usually one in my bag - my travelling book. All these books are from the library because I rarely buy new books now. I gave up a lot of things to live more simply - pay TV, flying, imported food, new clothes and shoes every year; the last thing I gave up buying was books.

Here is a photo of one shelf in a bookcase that stands a few feet away. These are not library books. All these books are used fairly frequently, either as reference books, to lend to someone or just to reacquaint myself with the simple truth they contain or to again be inspired by the beauty of their composition.
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