18 June 2007

Library books

I'll be taking my library books back today - I have this Reader's Digest back to basics book as well as the seed saver's handbook. If you're in Australia and are looking for an interesting book to read, grab this one. It's worth a look.

On top of the book is my latest dishcloth.


  1. Unfortunately every copy of this book that is purchased by the library goes missing, that is , it gets stolen. It must be an interesting book.

  2. ahhhh yes, I can see why the book is not returned. It is full of advice on home care, backyard projects, animal husbandry, bread and cheese making, preserving etc. It's a fine book. It must be out of print, which is a pity. I am currently writing a book on simple living, it's not quite the same as this book but similar in some ways. I hope it's as popular.

  3. What is that yarn you use for your dishcloths? I've got hold of some Sugar 'n Cream but it's not very economical.

  4. I have a different edition of this book... found in a used bookstore in Utah (USA) many years ago after borrowing a copy from the local library. I have also seen a new edition printed, I believe, in 2008/2009 time frame. Very interesting and entertaining!


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