Organising a table

13 June 2007

I did it! Check out the photo. It took about 15 minutes to clean this table off, wipe it over with a clean cloth, sort through papers, catalogues, mail and books and put things back where I need them. This desk, my friends, will help me remain organised and on target.

I know now what I'll be doing over the next week because I've written it all down in a place that I'll look. I have my list of tasks to be completed over the next few days. I'm compiling a task list for work next week too so I don't have to organise myself when I get there. I'll add to it as I think of things over the coming week.

I won't forget to do what I'm supposed to so now that I have my list. One of my jobs is to write articles for the local paper. I forgot to include something last week, having a list will keep me on track with my articles.

Keeping lists is something new to me. I used to be suspicious of list keepers. I could always rely on my brain to remind me what I had to do. Now it doesn't work as well as it used to in the past, so the lists take over. I've learnt that lists are helpful. They are just another tool in the tool kit of an organised life that help keep life simple. Eureka!