11 June 2007

Surviving in your own home

The floods in the Newcastle area got me thinking again about being prepared for emergencies if we stayed here at home. Although it's unlikely we would ever be flooded out here, we do have a creek as our back boundary, so I guess anything is possible. Our biggest threat would be bush fires as we are surrounded by pine forests. The more remote possibilities - like a terrorist attack in Brisbane, poison in the water supply, the electrical grid failing, still need to be thought about as the main thing I learnt in the September 11 tragedy, is that anything can happen at any time - even the things we think are impossible.
I'm pretty sure that if we didn't have to leave our house, we'd survive well here. We have enough food and water to last months, we have solar hot water, dozens of candles and hurricane lamps for light at night. We have the chooks and a healthy garden. I do need to stock up on matches and H's prescription medicine and buy some tick preventative for the dogs.
One thing I don't know about is whether we have a town emergency plan. I live in a small town, we have an SES, Bush Fire Brigade and a medical centre. I wonder if any of them would know if there is an emergency plan for the town. I might phone them later.
How would you go in an emergency? Are you prepared?

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