Dressmaking is a dying art

16 June 2007

I'm really excited about this! I'm starting our sewing circle at the Neighbourhood Centre next Monday - it will be free and we have two ex-professional sewers who are coming along to help. We'll either work on the projects each person brings along or we'll make things like painting aprons and smocks for the local kindy, or items needed at the local hospital and nursing home. One of our helpers used to make costumes for the Queensland Ballet and Theatre Company so she will help our sewers make up their own patterns as well as show them how best to construct their garments.

Dressmaking is a dying art. There are so many cheap clothes from China now that it doesn't seem worth it to make our own clothes from scratch. But I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who would like to learn the once common skill of making and mending clothing. I guess we'll see on Monday. I'm looking forward to it and I hope we have a lot of eager sewers come along to learn and meet each other.

Yesterday I bought a sewing kit for the Centre. It was quite daunting going into the shopping mall after so long not shopping there, many things had changed, but so much of it is still the same. I was pleased to get out of there. I got quite a nice sewing caddy and have filled it with all sorts of sewing goodies. Here is the photo.