29 June 2007

Sewing an apron

I'm not a particularly good sewer but I do my best to make a wide range of things for my home. Today I'm making another apron. I need side pockets, not a front one which most of my aprons have. The front pocket catches on the knobs on the kitchen cupboards and catch me when I try to walk away. So side pockets it will be! Here is the fabric I'm chosen from my stockpile.

While I was looking for fabric, I found this little thing that I made last year. I drew the pattern and stitched it while I was working at our shop. It's mainly stitching with a little applique.

If anyone wants me, I'll be in the sewing room.


  1. Oh Rhonda it is cute. I am going to attempt to make 3 lots of curtains this week end. I was given enough material to do my loungeroom window the Glass sliding door and the kitchen window and as we have open plan all these are in the one area so to speak so they will match. Wish me luck

  2. Beautiful!I wish I had the time and patience for sewing!

  3. I think your sewing efforts are fantastic! Mainly I just manage to mend stuff with my machine but at least that is better than nothing!

  4. Love the stitchery!


  5. Let me know how your apron turns out. I'm forever snagging the drawers and pulling them open as I move along. Your embroidery is quite cute!

  6. Thanks everyone. The apron turned out ok. I'm not 100% happy with it as it needs modifying. I never sew from patterns, I just cut what I think needs cutting. Yep, I know. : )) Anyhow, it's ok, it just needs adjusting.

    Rhonda, I hope your curtains turn out well.


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