28 June 2007

An easy day

I sometimes have people ask me how I fill my days. It's a bit of a patchwork really and each day is different to the ones on either side. For instance, today I rose at 4am and spent almost three hours writing on the computer. Then a break for breakfast of grilled cheese on toast and black tea. After washing the dishes and getting the bread on the rise, I swept the floor, cleaned the main bathroom with non-chemical cleaners, and made up a new batch of laundry detergent. Morning tea with H at 10.30, he made the tea and served it with some little afghan cakes I made the other day. I then had a look in the garden, planted up some tomatoes and zucchini seeds, talked to the chooks and thanked the new girls for starting to lay their sweet little brown eggs, checked the aquaponics gardens and watched the fish for a while. They're doing really well now and I hope they continue to live in good health. One mass fish kill is enough.

Lunch was brandywine tomatoes and rocket on hot bread and black tea.

A parcel of warm clothes arrived from a member of ALS (for the Neighbourhood Centre) so I wrote a quick PM and did some posting on the site while I was there. My sister, then my son phoned, so that made short work of the next hour. I made a start on dinner which is tuna bake made from scratch and is now in the oven. Dessert this evening will be an apricot cobbler I made last night, and warm egg custard, yet to be made. I've just finished cleaning up the kitchen again and took this photo so I could write another post while I had a cup of tea.

It's just after 3pm now, so I hope to do some knitting while the tuna browns in the oven. Basically my work is done for the day. It's been an easy one. Uh oh, I just looked outside to the lemons still sitting on the table. I need to juice them today so I guess I'm not quite finished.

I hope you all had a full and satisfying day.
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