16 June 2007

The dying art of morning tea

We've revived an old ritual, H and I. That of the sit down, talk and enjoy morning tea. No matter what either of us are doing, at around 10 am, we stop for tea. It's such a great thing to do. It peps you up for the later morning, it gives you time to talk about whatever with your partner and it gives a gentle rhythm to the day.

We don't go overboard with what is served with our morning tea. If there are muffins, pikelets, biscuits or cake, we'll have it, but otherwise it will be a stern black cuppa and a talk. If there is a biscuit, there are eyes watching your every move.

Airedale Rosie watches every move when food is about.

I wonder if others are sharing this ritual with us and if so, what are you drinking and eating?
Here is something about the art of the sponge cake that I found this morning. It's worth a read:



  1. I have my morning tea at 11am so I can't share with you. I usually have coffee and a biscuit or a piece of toast.

  2. Jenny, do you sit down for morning tea or continue doing other things?

  3. No I definitely sit down and usually in the warmest or sunny spot possible. Morning tea marks the end of my housework and after a drink I move on to something else.

  4. I use a cup and saucer for my morning tea. DH only likes a mug of coffee.

    In summer we sit on the front verandah in the shade and in winter we find the warmest spot inside but we always stop and sit down for it because it's the only way I can get him to take a break when he is at home on the weekends.

    During the week I have my morning cuppa while I'm on the computer reading lovely blogs like this one. ;-)

  5. I love your teapot and mugs. I also love the look on the face of your dog. Gorgeous.

  6. jenny that teapot is part of a 1930s set I bought on ebay. It pours beautifully.

  7. Your dog is so cute!!

    I have my morning tea around 10 or 11am depending on when i wake up (or i should say, when my baby daughter wakes up!) I am trying to get off caffeine right now so im drinking herbal teas and nibbling on a biccie or some fruit. My daughter also likes to nibble on some toast and watch mummy drinking from a proper cup :)

    I love your posts about homemaking. I get alot of strange looks when i tell people i am a SAHM especially with a university degree, but i cannot compare the satisfaction of looking after and raising my child to working. There is nothing like it in the world!


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