Going back in time

1 June 2007
Prize pumpkins

We had a wonderful time at the show. We spent the first two hours on our stall trying to encourage people to fill in a feedback form for the Council and explaining when our new building will be built. When we left there, we went to the craft hall where we found jumpers, rugs, hats, tapestry, cakes, slices, relish, jam, lemon and passionfruit butters and many, many flowers.

These are the prize winning eggs - brown white and blue.

Some of the many jams.

In many respects going to the local show was a bit like going back in time. There were all the displays of home cooking, knitting and crochet; there were families sitting on rugs watching whip cracking and show horses and people everywhere were smiling. You don't see that much nowadays.

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