Where have all the kind people gone?

22 August 2007
This is a rant that I need to get off my chest. It not specifically to do with simple living, although I do think it's part of it. You could easily not read what is coming, if you're feeling a bit fragile, please close this window now and return tomorrow. I'll be back to normal by then as I'll feel like I've been heard. LOL

I believe one of the most important things I was taught, and in turn taught my own children, was good manners. It's made my life easier as I'm sure you are accepted by others when you respect them and their property and show courtesy and graciousness when you're with other people. Things have changed. I know this but I've failed to comment on it before - neither here nor in my own life.

When we were away, I noticed that people aren't as polite as they should be, and the lack of courtesy and good manners shone out like a beacon. On two occasions, H was the only person to help a very old lady with a walking stick to get down from the train onto the platform, and again help a man with a wheelchair who was walking on the stumps of two amputated legs. Both these people were standing on the other side of a queue to get off the train and the queue we were in just all filed on out - not one of them stopped and let these people go ahead, let alone offer any form of assistance. H stepped up, stopped the queue and brought the lady forward, took her walking stick and gave it to me as the lady asked for H to go before her and help her down with both hands. Naturally he complied with her wishes. The man with the wheelchair was in a similar situation - he was waiting for the queue on the other side to stop, so he could manoeuvre his wheel chair onto the platform and alight. H stopped the queue again and asked what help this man wanted. He asked H to put the wheelchair on the platform and he could do the rest.

What really made me angry was that not one person in the queue filing off the train thought to help - they all filed past without thinking they might need to offer help. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE! Where are the manners we were all taught? What happened to helping the old and frail? We do not have to be living simply to know that we must help others all through our lives but it seems that unless we've slowed down enough to notice, these people will be left, abandoned by the very people who should help them.

It's not good enough to say they didn't notice. I don't believe it. On my blog here there is a stitchery sampler I stitched a few years ago. I think a couple of the sayings on it should be tattooed to the foreheads of everyone on that train. GIVE MORE, EXPECT LESS, SHOW RESPECT. There are a lot of people saying that there is a lack of respect shown by children nowadays but how can children show respect when it isn't modeled for them by their parents. Children learn what they see - respect, generosity, kindness and willingness to help need to be part of our lives. Sadly it looks like these qualities are a thing of the past for many modern Australians.

We will soon return to our regularly scheduled program.