Dishcloths on parade - updated

29 August 2007
Here are photos of some of the dishcloths swapped during our first swap. If you have a photo of your dishcloths you'd like to share, send it to me and I'll post it with these.

These little beauties are by Polly, and were sent to Jewels. Polly included some of her home made soap.

These cloths were made by Jewels and sent to Polly. Jewels also included a beautiful hand made card.

These lovely cloths were made by Robin and sent to Maggie in NZ. Love those autumn colours.

Now we have the cloth sent to Susan by Lenny. Lenny also sent some fudge. mmmm

And the following photo is the beautiful blue package of cloth and soap that Susan sent to Lenny.

Finally the swap between Carla and myself. Carla sent me these two cloths, plus another that's currently in the wash. I really love them, Carla.

And here is what I sent Carla. A cloth and a copy of last month's Grass Roots.