Toot toot!

15 August 2007

I've included the map above for the international readers. We are starting just north of Brisbane, half way up the east coast, and travelling to Townsville, which is going up towards the pointy bit.

The big day has arrived. I feel like I'm about to embark on an around the world voyage on the QE11 instead of a simple and leisurely trip up the coast on a train. The excitement is due to us not having been away on a holiday for a long time. It's been years since we just packed up and took off. The anticipation of it is lovely too. Looking forward to doing nothing but enjoying our time with friends is doubling the pleasure we'll get from this little holiday.

I have a full day ahead of me with packing, tidying up, one load of washing, some ironing, making lists for Shane, charging various batteries and my iPod. I have a lot of podcasts ready to download - everything from Phillip Adams on Late Night Live and the Science Show to a few other radio programs I never have time to listen to. I also have to test the aquaponics water, water the gardens and pot plants, make some chocolate muffins for Shane and prepare some knitting to take with me.

Thank you all for your good wishes. I fully intend to enjoy every moment of this trip. I'm looking forward to being on the train, watching backyards fly past our window, stopping at little railway stations up the coast, seeing little peeks of the grand Pacific Ocean as we snake out way up north and finally being greeted by Kathleen when we reach our destination. Life's

(I'll take lots of photos.)

We'll be back next Monday. : )