The grass looks greener

21 August 2007

It's so good to be back home again and now that I've slept, I'm feeling refreshed and motivated. Although I took my iPod, knitting and a book, those long hours on the train afforded me time to reflect on my life and how we live. I have come home with the certainty that living as we do has real meaning and is important, not just for H and I, but also for our sons, our friends and the people we know. I want to continue to simplify as much as we can, to grow our own food and to show as many people as we can that this lifestyle is worthwhile and meaningful.

I'm going to rearrange my routines in the house so that I can still do what I need to do here, but also have ample time for the blog, the website and my ebook. I hope that via these media I'll be able to reach enough people with relevant information for them to change their lives too. I'll continue to offer community education and help at the neighbourhood centre I volunteer at, and hope that I might help influence people there to stop spending and start simplifying. I feel like the first stone that's been thrown in the pond and I want the circles of influence and restraint to stretch as far as possible.

A simple life is one that is worth living and it's worth the sacrifices made in the living of it. When I looked at H and I out there in the great unknown, we happily took it all in without the need to spend cash or to flex our credit card muscles. We looked around without the need to buy, we remained true to our simple values and we enjoyed each day as it came. We found happiness and fulfillment away from the commercial world and we came home, both of us, feeling we've got the full measure of our time away.

And now that we're back, the grass looks greener, the air seems sweeter and the garden feels more fertile than before. We are where we are meant to be. Let's all move forward together towards a simple life. Let's help each other however we can, let's motivate and facilitate and walk this path less travelled to share the abundance of the future together.


  1. there is absolutely "no place like home" glad you had a good time. It sounds like it was a wonderful time for you to be able to reflect upon things and to count your blessings..which is always so wonderful to do.:0)

  2. Good to see you safely back Rhonda and full of plans for the future. It is so true that there is no place like home, isn't it?

  3. Your post made me smile Rhonda, for all the simply joy and enthusiasm that shines through in it. As always, you inspire me :-) Cheers, Julie.

  4. Welcome back Rhonda. I am fairly new to visiting your site but really enjoy reading each day. I missed your hints and was almost as if one of my family had gone away. Glad you had a good time catching up with friends but yes, there is no place like home :) Looking forward to tomorrow...a new day...something new to learn :) Linda

  5. Yes please! More blogging from Rhonda please!

    PS, I tried the bi-carb shampoo
    and really like the results. :o) thanks Rhonda!

  6. I'm walking with you Rhonda.

  7. I love your blog and all the VALUEABLE info you share. Keep up the good work. Thanks for all your shared info!!!!!!!!!

  8. no ruby slippers needed, or journeys to see the wizard. there truly is no place like home!
    thank you for reminding me.

  9. I have to agree -- there is no place like home! Glad you had a great trip....and I am glad to hear the blog won't go to the wayside. I feel like I am challenged in some way each time I pop in to read.

  10. How very true Rhonda. Sometimes you have to step away for a while to realise what you have.
    I know thats how I felt when we left here for 6 months and rented my little haven out. Terrible

  11. hello ladies and thank you for lovely messages. I do appreciate every single keystroke. : )



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