23 August 2007

Dishcloth swap

I received my swap parcel from Carla when I returned from our trip. In it were three beautiful cloths - one the same colour as our new yellow walls, some cloth patterns and a lovely homemade card with photos! The card was hand written, another bonus. I love hand writing and appreciate it when others take the time to hand write something they send me. Thank you Carla.

I used the first of the cloths last night and I have to say it's superior to the cloths I make. The cotton you used Carla, seems to be more absorbent than what we have here. You said in your email that you're a loose knitter. I like that, I think it makes a better cloth. My knitting is quite tight and I'm going to loosen it up a lot for my next cloth. I always seem to have one on the go lately. Carla, can you let me (and everyone else) know what brand of yarn you use? I'll look out for some on ebay.

The deadline for sending the cloths was last Friday so I hope they were all sent. If anyone hasn't been able to get theirs in the post yet, just drop me an email at rhondahetzel @ gmail . com <- take out the spaces. I should mention too that I'm in the process of changing my email from yahoo to gmail, so please send to gmail from now on. Thank you. : )

If you've received your cloth parcel, please let us all know by commenting. It might be a nice idea to photograph our cloths too. If you have a photo of what you received, please send it to me and when I have all the photos I'll put them all in a post for everyone to see.

I'll be back later with another post. : )


  1. Rhonda - I'm so happy you like them. The yarn I use is called Sugar 'N Cream, by Lily. Here's a link I found that shows it: http://www.dickblick.com/zz652/36/
    oh, and all the colors! I usually by it at the local Michaels Craft Store when it's on sale & stock up. I like to use the variegated colors for the diagonal pattern (the quickest one) because they look so nice. BTW, I meant to say that I knit too TIGHTLY, no loosely. When I was first learning, it got to the point where I couldn't even get the stitches onto the other needle because they were wound too tightly! I've since learned to knit slightly looser. (g) I really like the diagonal pattern because I can do a cloth up in 2 nights, while watching television. I'm so glad you like them!

  2. Hi Rhonda Jean,
    I recieved mine too That are wonderful. Kristy sent me a set of poodle buttons and a hand written note, I love getting hand written notes. Thanks for hosting the swap.

  3. Hello Carla. I checked out the link, thank you, they have some lovely colours. I checked my local ebay but they have none at the moment. I'll check again over the coming month. xx

    Hello Elizabeth, a cloth and poodle buttons! how fabulous. What a great swap. Warm regards, RJ.

  4. Rhonda I recently bought some knitting cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills. They have an online shop at their website. I've found that it is softer and more absorbent than what I've used before so maybe you could give that a try. I bought the 4 ply but I think I might go for the 8 ply next time.
    If you want your knitting to be looser just use needles in a larger size. I have the opposite problem and always use a couple of sizes smaller when it matters.
    Oh and I've been informed by Jewels that my dishcloth is on the post.

  5. That would be "in" the post :-)

  6. Rhonda I've just received my pretty dishcloths from Jewels this afternoon. Jewels also sent a beautiful card which I'll include in the photo I send you.
    Thanks for organising the swap :-)

  7. I got my dishcloth from Jenny on Tuesday, I was very excited :)
    The only problem is that it seems far too pretty to use. LOL
    When my hubby asked what it was and I explained about the swap he thought it was very bizarre to be knitting strange things and sending them to people we don't know. I'm not sure he'll ever get 'IT'.

  8. I'm so looking forward to seeing all the pretty cloths....
    I hope I'll be able to join in next time.

  9. I received 2 lovely dishcloths from Robin last week. One is a beautiful self-striping yarn in a simple, but very effective pattern. The other is a pretty soft-coloured diagonal one.
    It's so lovely to receive something that someone else has made so beautifully!
    A simply wonderful swap!

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  11. Whoops I posted with out spell check! LOL never a good idea! here is the post with corrected spelling
    I received a beautiful parcel from Elizabeth! A gorgeous crochet cloth, good and chunky and some great buttons and some lovely embroidery thread AND a needle card full of needles and a threader! I was so lucky! Ive used the cloth heaps already so when I wash it I try and email a pic!
    Thanks for organising the swap Rhonda

  12. Hi Rhonda
    Received mine from Maggie a week or so ago now..Maggie sent me to gorgeous dishcloths a hand written card and also a soap sock, soap to go with it and some seeds...Love them all i was spoilt, have already placed a pic on my Blog....Thank you for organising the Swap i loved it


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