Dishcloth swap

23 August 2007
I received my swap parcel from Carla when I returned from our trip. In it were three beautiful cloths - one the same colour as our new yellow walls, some cloth patterns and a lovely homemade card with photos! The card was hand written, another bonus. I love hand writing and appreciate it when others take the time to hand write something they send me. Thank you Carla.

I used the first of the cloths last night and I have to say it's superior to the cloths I make. The cotton you used Carla, seems to be more absorbent than what we have here. You said in your email that you're a loose knitter. I like that, I think it makes a better cloth. My knitting is quite tight and I'm going to loosen it up a lot for my next cloth. I always seem to have one on the go lately. Carla, can you let me (and everyone else) know what brand of yarn you use? I'll look out for some on ebay.

The deadline for sending the cloths was last Friday so I hope they were all sent. If anyone hasn't been able to get theirs in the post yet, just drop me an email at rhondahetzel @ gmail . com <- take out the spaces. I should mention too that I'm in the process of changing my email from yahoo to gmail, so please send to gmail from now on. Thank you. : )

If you've received your cloth parcel, please let us all know by commenting. It might be a nice idea to photograph our cloths too. If you have a photo of what you received, please send it to me and when I have all the photos I'll put them all in a post for everyone to see.

I'll be back later with another post. : )