We're with Telstra

25 August 2007
I'm running out of time for another post today so here is an update on the photo dilemma. We've signed up with Telstra on their Homeline Plus account. Local calls 17.5 cents, capped STD calls and line rental is $29.95, but H gets an $11 per month discount because he's on the old age pension. So we're getting it for $18.95 a month. We're keeping our broadband with optus and the mobile with Virgin. We also get a bonus cordless Telstra phone.

I found a really good deal for Virgin wireless broadband + home phone for $60 and you can get rid of your landline. But when I checked to see if we had coverage, we didn't. : ( They say it will come within the year, so I'll change then. Check these links out:


Magazine article about virgin broadband.