A morning of cleaning

8 August 2007
Our lounge room, this morning, before cleaning.

In the spirit of practising what I preach, I'm having a big cleanup today. We go away next week and have family staying while we're away so I want everything nice for them. My plan is to deep clean today and spend the rest of the week sewing and knitting. This is my plan:
  • Put on a load of washing - floor rugs.
  • Put on second load of washing - dogs beds - in outdoor washing machine.
  • Clean the ensuite shower and sink.
  • Wipe mirror with vinegar and newspaper.
  • Scrub toilet, clean seat and lid, wipe over with tea tree.
  • Finish off with sweeping the floor and mopping over with hot vinegar water.

  • Second bathroom just needs a wipe over with a soapy cloth and dry with a terry cloth.
  • Finish off with sweeping the floor and mopping over with hot vinegar water.

  • Laundry room needs the sink scrubbed with the creamy soft scrubber.
  • Wipe down the benches with soapy cloth, and dry.
  • Finish off with sweeping the floor and mopping over with hot vinegar water.

  • In the kitchen I'll wipe down the benches and clean the stove with a soapy cloth, and dry.
  • Wipe the cupboard doors with my soapy cloth, clean glass in top cupboards with vinegar and newspapers.
  • Clean out the fridge.
  • Scrub the sink with creamy soft scrubber.
  • Wipe down window sill.
  • Check pantry and stockpile cupboards.
  • Help H put up wall clock and framed prints after painting.
  • Wipe over dresser and tidy kitchen table.
  • Tidy lounge room, wipe over coffee table.
  • Finish off with vacuuming then washing floors with hot vinegar water.
Somewhere along the way I'll make the bed, wash up a couple of times and bake bread. I hope to finish by 1pm and go to the library this afternoon. I'll make dinner when I come home and relax after that leaving me free to do my sewing tomorrow. How sweet it is. : )

“I am thankful for a lawn that needs mowing, windows that need cleaning and gutters that need fixing because it means I have a home…. I am thankful for the piles of laundry and ironing because it means my loved ones are nearby.”
~Nancie J. Carmody

Washday on the farm

Regarding the stitchery giveaway. I've posted to Shula and have received Leah's address this morning. Thanks Leah. I just need Marianna's address now. Marianna can you please email your postal address to me. Thanks.

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone who
has left a comment or sent email. I have a lot of emails to reply to and will do that either when I finish this post, this afternoon or tomorrow. It's nice getting to know you all through your comments and emails. : )


  1. your 'before' photo is a million times tidier than mine would be!

  2. I love to have a cleaning list. It really helps as I go through each room. It also made it easier for my daughter to understand what it really takes to "do up a room."

    I posted a while back about using natural cleaners in our home. My son has asthma and the scents and chemicals in store-bought cleaners are really harmful to him. We only use vinegar, baking soda, borax, Dr. Bronners, and rubbing alcohol to clean our home.

    I think I might post some pictures of our home on my blog. I really like seeing how others have things arranged. I feel like I know the person a little bit better.


  3. Good morning ladies. I'm a bit out this morning as I got up an hour early - at 3 instead of 4! I didn't mean to do that. LOL

    Clairesgarden, our loungeroon used to be much messier when the kids lived here.

    Kim, I used to think my home was too boring to photograph, but like you, I realised I like looking at photos of "real" homes, so I think others might find them interesting too. I'm going to be adding more in the future. Is Dr Bronners a soap?

  4. If that's your 'before cleaning' photo, then you don't want to come here lol! I blame my 5 year old and my husband - it's not me that's the messy one, honest :)

  5. I love seeing pictures of real homes too :) Your cleaning list is great :) I am trying the 15 minute cleaning shannon Lush style for a few weeks...although still not allowed to mop, sweep or vacuum due to my back :( Mind you I pay my daughter to vacuum on the weekend and although it is not as good as I would do it, it is okay still :) Trying to let og of my perfectionism.

  6. Hi Rhonda Jean,
    Thanks for sharing your day. Looks like you where a busy little bee. I love seeing a real home. Yours looks so cozy.

  7. How did the cleaning go? Did you make it too the end of the list? I love to look at others homes, maybe I'm a sticky-beak?

    I did no cleaning today, but I did finish Harry Potter finally, now I can catch up on my lost sleep from the past few nights.


  8. Yes, Dr. Bronner's is a natural liquid soap. It is readily available in the States or can be ordered on-line. I like the peppermint scented variety.


  9. Lenny, I got all the work done by about 11.30. I was so tired at the end of the day, I went to sleep in my lounge chair. I never do that! But I guess getting up at 3am did me in.

  10. Rhonda Jean,

    I've been so thrilled to read your blog. I've never made a comment on one before. While we live a pretty simple life here, I know we could be doing a whole lot better and I've taken some inspiration from your recipe for washing powder as I am about to run out and was going to go and buy a 10kg tub of omomatic tomorrow....my only problem is locating washing soda. Locally here, Woolies, Coles, Big W, IGA don't stock it. I am wracking my brain to think who will stock it - strange to think it has always been such a common ingredient? Anyway, I'm thoroughly enjoying reading through your site and have bookmarked it for tomorrow afternoon. Lisa

  11. Lisa, welcome! I'm pleased to know you're trying this laundry powder. You'll love it, I'm sure. Try the hardware store for washing soda. If you're in Tassie, I think they call it Lectric Soda there.

    If you have no luck, ask Woolworths or IGA to order it in as they have it in their other stores so it will be in their warehouses. Stay in touch Lisa, and let me know how you go with the powder.

  12. Rhonda Jean, I found the washing soda in 500g bags at another IGA so I have everything laid out on the bench. I wonder - have you ever grated your soap in a food processor? I have a shoulder/arm injury and don't think I'd be up to grating all that soap. I did cheat and buy the lux flakes but it would be cheaper to buy the bars of soap or use homemade ones. I'll let you know how the powder goes. We've got an asko front loader and with three little boys (7, 3 & 9 months) and a tradesman husband, that poor machine is going every day. Lisa J

  13. Lisa, I wouldn't grate soap in your food processor. It will be too much for the motor. If you're going to make the laundry liquid, you can get around the grating by putting the soap in water for about 24 hours. It will go slimy and soft and you can then add it to your ingredients. You will have to reduce the amount of water you use in the final mix though.

    If you want to make the laundry powder, you might have to keep buying Lux flakes. Good luck with it.

    I've had an Asko for the past 15 years, we've replaced it now but it still works and we use it to wash the dogs beds and mats. It's plumbed up to the water tank on our back verandah.

  14. Hi,

    I've heard that Household ammonia is a better option environmentally for clothes washing ect. then borax as Ammonia does not damage soil structure & is a nitrogen fertiliser. There is another really great site that I use that has some other cleaning recipes too. www.users.on.net/~arachne/laundry1.html


  15. I too do most of my cleaning with vinegar. I dont think i'll ever shop down the cleaning supply isle of the store ever again. Obvioulsy they work well becauser your before picture is like a dream to a mom with 3 kids and a husband.

  16. Hi, I finished reading your book last week and discovered your blog at the end. What a great read! I am now looking forward to and dreaming about spending time at home(need to tame the mortgage first). As you've been away I have been catching up on some of your old news. Thank you so much for all the details.
    I have made laundry liquid and love it. Tried to make bread but I haven't been home to keep it warm, took 24 hrs although I am eating it my family wont. Maybe I'll wait til I'm on holiday.
    I've been doing some cooking from scratch and freezing some for during the week when I work long hours and often take shortcuts for dinner.This will be even easier and shorter and much better for us.
    Looking forward to cooking dog biscuits next!



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