Catching up

1 August 2007

Another Tuesday and another day for catching up on the two days I wasn't here. I have so much I have to do today and as usual, if I write about it here, it makes me more accountable and more likely to get through my tasks.

I'll start in the kitchen as the benches need cleaning. That means moving everything I have on the benches, wiping it all down with a homemade dishcloth dipped in warm soapy water. I'll wipe them all dry with a terry cloth and replace everything. The fridge needs checking, just a quick check to make sure there are no science experiments lurking in the back. After breakfast and the cleaning up of it, I'll start my bread off and get it on the rise. I have to put it outside in the sun with a clean tea towel over it as the kitchen is too cold at the moment to allow a good rise.

Into the bedroom then to strip the bed and wash the bed linen. I'll remake the bed, do a small amount of tidying in an untidy corner, check H's side of the bed for snotty tissues (ack) and open the windows to let in some fresh air. The shower needs a wipe over but I'll do that when I take my shower tonight, but this morning I'll wipe over the sink and mirror. When all that is done, I'll vacuum all the floors and wash the wood floors with some hot water, vinegar and eucalyptus oil.

Hopefully all that is done by 10am when I'll make us some morning tea and sit on the verandah in the sun with H and my knitting. I'm going a bit nuts on the dishcloths at the moment and I want to use up all that cotton yarn I bought recently. Between 11 and 12.30pm I'll be in the garden. The blueberries need some blood and bone and potash as they're just starting to put on new growth. H will be preparing a garden bed for our main potato crop of the year, so I'll "supervise" that project ; ), do some watering and talk to the chooks.

After lunch I want to do some sewing. We are going to visit a good friend in her new house in a couple of weeks time and I want to take her a few house warming gifts. Late this afternoon, just before I start on dinner, I want to pull down the luffah vines that are still standing like skeletons over two trellises. This evening I'll be reading before I fall asleep to prepare for, hopefully, a less strenuous day tomorrow. If I do everything I wrote about above, tomorrow I'll be rewarded with a day where I only have to sweep the verandahs, and make the bed and some bread.

I operate really well when I tell others what I'm about to do. Sorry everyone, I am using you! But if I do that, I feel obliged to do what I said I would do and it's more likely to be done. It's a bit primitive, I know, but I am what I am. : )

I do realise my post is pretty ho-hum today but I have a treat for you all. Visit Duck Herder's blog to read the most sublime post. She is on my must read list now and I'm sure many visitors here will appreciate her writing as much as I do.

As always, I love your visits, your comments and your emails. Thank you for stopping by and if you haven't made contact yet, please do. I'd love to hear from you.

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