Free activites

30 August 2007

Keeping the kids active and occupied doesn't have to cost a lot. There are plenty of activities and hobbies they can do at home that are low cost, fun and don't involve a screen. Taking the kids on an outing can also be a lot of fun, and doesn't have to cost much at all. Put on your frugal hat when it comes to entertainment for yourself and the children. Spending a lot on movies, eating out and travelling around will slowly drain your savings. There isn't much value in a day's outing that you have to work a full day to pay for. There are other ways around it.

Discover your local library, museum, science centre and the long coastline of beaches that Australia is understandably famous for. Look for local free concerts or events in the park. Sometimes local councils sponsor these events and will advertise them in the local paper. Some enlightened councils are now offering free gardening and backyard sustainability courses. Although not available all through the year, these wonderful things can be enjoyed and will not cost you anything except the cost of getting there. If you can't find information on free local activities in your newspaper, go online and google "free local activities [your town]", or phone your local council and ask what's available.

The local paper, magazines and books are available free at any library. They often have DVDs, CD, puzzles and audio cassettes. All you have to do to access this vast free resource is to become a member.

If you live in a city, take advantage of all those taxpayer-funded facilities like the museum, art gallery, science centre and botanical gardens. They will provide hours of enlightening entertainment for yourself and your family. Take a picnic to the closest beach, find some shade and enjoy a day with the family. If you’re in the country and close to a river, you can enjoy a riverside picnic and swimming with the family. You might go for a bush walk and a bike ride. If you’re close to a national park or a naturally beautiful area, there will often be walking trails to follow.

Wherever you are, if you look
around your community you should find ways to entertain yourself without it costing too much. Be creative, team up with other people you know and go for it. Remember, not everything of value has an entry fee.

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