Tigers in the neighbourhood

9 August 2007
I'll make two or three posts today (depending on time) as I have some photos here I have been wanting to share with you for a while and I'll talk some more about simple living. The photos first.

H and I went into Brisbane last week to go to a remnants shop looking for our curtain material. For the international readers, Brisbane is the capital city of the state I live in. It's about a one hour drive from my home.

They didn't have what we were after but on the way home I took some photos of this incredible cloud formation. The clouds were in long tubes and although they looked like storm clouds, there was no rain. Luckily I had my
camera with me. I took it in case I saw anything of interest that I could share here. It might be something I do more often now, not that I go out much.

So we drove through Brisbane and back onto the freeway and what do we find but Steve Irwin on a sign advertising Australia Zoo.

We were on the freeway for about 40 kms and then turned off onto what used to be called the Glasshouse Mountains Road but is now - Steve Irwin Way.

Driving through pine forests, past an enormous chicken farm with its 1940 long sheds - H was driving too fast to get a good picture of it. Grrrrr. We then came to Mount Tibrogargan, one of the Glasshouse Mountains. The original people who lived on these lands were the Gubbi Gubbi tribe, the Glasshouse Mountains are part of their dreaming. Each of the mountains still has its Koori name - this mountain, Tibrogargan is the father. Here is some more info about the local history of this area: http://au.geocities.com/glasshousebw/ghmtnshist.html

Another mountain is called Beerwah and that is also the name of the town that Australia Zoo is in. We live just down the road from the zoo so I guess you could say we have tigers and elephants as neighbours. Sadly, we no longer have Steve but we still see his sweet family around town every so often.

This is where the zoo is. H was still travelling too fast for me to get a good shot but he said he couldn't slow down as he'd hold up the traffic behind us. Don't they know I have a blog to take photos for! LOL Anyhow, if anyone is interested, I could go back another day and get some better pictures of the zoo.