I can't believe it

12 August 2007

This blog passed the 15000 visitors mark today. We're now on 15044. Wow! It's really incredible to me that so many people have visited since I start blogging in May. I hope the blog tempts you to move towards a simpler life and provides some of the information you seek. I know you all keep me on my toes and I enjoy your comments and emails very much. If you have any suggestions, or would like me to write about anything in particular, just drop me a line. And thanks to all of you for reading.


  1. Congratulations Rhonda! You deserve it, I was just thinking today on my morning walk what a wonderful inspiration your blog is!! Suggestions for topics, mmm, what about one regarding downshifting in your career? Moving from successful, high achieving (good pay)careers to jobs that are more about the community and spiritual rewards than monetary rewards. Or jobs that enable you to work from home or in your own business, so you can maintain your frugal, simple lifestyle.
    Cheers, Bella

  2. I don't know what happened to my addition to the last post...maybe in the ether. Anyway, I thought I should add that maybe the first post was a little presumptuous or forward, but Rhonda, you are inspirational to many..personally you have inspired me to re-new my frugal lifestyle and I now engage in budgeting, menu planning, stockpiling to name a few, all thanks to you. Really anything you write about always has some little treasure in it!!! Bella

  3. You rock Rhonda! congratulations :o) I do have a little question - I am really interested in the simple bi-carb shampoo recipe - I have long dark hair that gets greasy at the roots and dry at the ends - so of course I am addicted to shampoo and conditioner - could it be true that bi-carb could replace all that product???!!! And also, do you have any ideas for a cheap, simple detangler spray that would help with brushing and keeping the ends not frizzy? I am keen to try the bi-carb but might wait untill I dont have to go to work the same morning!

    once again - congrats with the 1500!! duckie xx

  4. Congratulations Rhonda Jean! Authoring a blog that is inspiring, educational and fun (as yours is) cannot be an easy job!
    Thank you for all your effort, it is appreciated!

  5. I so enjoy reading your blog - I try to visit a couple of times a week and find such pleasure in the things you write about. I wish I could keep chickens but we have a really tiny garden. Thank you for all the wonderful posts - keep up the great work; you are an example to all of us who trying to live a bit more simply.

  6. Frustrating! Want to add some encouraging words, but I can't always comment the number of times I try (due to computer glitches), but think that could be a blessing to you as there is so much more to do for you with putting up such great meaningful content day after day.

    Anyway, congrats on the popularity of your blog -- you've gone miles with it! With miles more still to go, I'm sure... :-) (Wildside)

  7. Wonderful!
    Your blog has been a breath of fresh air to many!
    Congratulations and Thank you!

  8. I'm not surprised that you have so many visitors. Why?

    Down To Earth offers significant content, written in an easy-to-read and interesting style.

    Here's to many more hits!

  9. Hello kez, thank you. : )

    Bella, I always enjoy your comments. I've said before this that one of my main motivations at this time of my life is to step up for the younger women and share what I know. I would like all women to do that, we all have something to teach. I've put your suggestion on my list of potential posts. Thanks. And your second posts was just icing on my Monday cake. : )

    Hello duckie. Yes, bicarb could replace that product. No more than a tablespoon of bicarb mixed with some water, maybe about a cup full and rub it thoroughly through your hair. It works. : )

    There are two things that could work with your frizzle ends. The old fashioned solution to this would be to brush your hair, with a natural bristle brush, every night for 50 strokes. This moves the natural oil near the scalp to the ends, and eventually it conditions it. The other solution is to dilute one part hair conditioner to 10 parts water and spray it on as a detangler. Oh, I just thought of another one. You could condition the ends only with olive oil. If your hair is long, it's easy to do only the ends. Use about ¼ cup for the entire job. Just rub the oil into the hair where it's splitting and frizzy. Leave it on for about 3 hours, wash off with bicarb.

    Niki, hello and welcome. Thanks for your comment. I love that you think there is fun in there. I do try for that, without trying to dilute the message.

    Denise, thank you. I LOVE that you described yourself as "middle aged" in your profile. So many women are scared of aging. I wear my age as a badge of honour. I think you might too. I'm going to write about that soon.

    Wildside, I wish you didn't have glitches because I love reading your well considered comments. Try to fix those glitches so I can hear more from you.

    i am anna lovely day. Thank you. I love your profile. It's full, exuberant, slightly mad, obsessive and complex. I think some people might describe me like that, I think you might be similar. We share a lot of similar likes in music and films so it's lovely to see you like my blog too.

    meredith, I love your blog too. I've been meaning to add you to my blog roll so I'll do it straight away before I forget again. Thank you for visiting.

  10. Well done Rhonda! I can see from everyone elses comments and I know myself how enjoyable it is to read your blog. Inspirational too :) You make it seem like anything is possible in terms of doing it yourself.

  11. thank you, Lisa. Nice photo. : )

  12. Gee I was excited when my blog hit 60 visitors (yesterday) I'm definitely not in your league Rhonda!lol I often visit more than once a day cause I don't want to miss anything...and I'm just nosey!
    Well done and congratulations!



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