23 August 2007

Staying motivated

This is my stash of dishcloths that I usually have on my kitchen window sill. The one in use now, next to the container, and the two on top right are the cloths Carla sent me.

When I first started on this path towards a more simple life it was difficult to stay as motivated as I wanted, and needed, to be. There came a point though, when my own life provided the motivation because I could see the results of what I was doing. Somehow it all fell into place and instead of just undertaking new simple living projects, one thing lead to another and a genuine lifestyle was born. I’m not troubled by lack of motivation now but I do know that motivation is one of the most difficult things to maintain, not just in living this way but in many things.

So just how do you stay motivated?

I think the key to motivation is to find someone or something – like a book or a movie or a blog ; ), that inspires you. Seeing someone doing what you want to do, or reading about it, generally ignites a spark that keeps a flame burning for a while. If you keep that inspiration going your flame will burn longer each time. So find someone close to you that you can talk to about your lifestyle changes, if you have no one close, email me, I’ll talk to you about your changes. But keep at it, don’t give up if things get tough or you feel like it’s taking too long to achieve your dreams. Never, ever give up.

It’s also a good strategy to keep in mind why you want to change. What will you get out of it? How will it make your life better? Imagine yourself how you want to be in your simple life and keep that image in your mind, and answer those two questions for yourself. Having end results squarely in view will help keep you on track.

I want every person who comes here to read this blog to go away motivated and inspired enough to make the changes necessary to live a deliberate life. I want you to feel energised enough to believe you can do whatever you want to do. I want the collective experience here to seep into your brain so that it informs what you do and what you dream for yourself. Simple livings isn’t just about changing ourselves and making adjustments to our own lives, it’s also about helping our neighbours, and I hope I can do that from a distance.


  1. rhonda, exactly what i needed to hear today! how do you always know exactly what to write? :-) i'm so glad you're back and that you had a wonderful time. i loved your posting about the rudeness of people, how true it is and i believe it does come down to parenting and taking the time to properly instruct children. but thank you for your words today...they are true and needed....

  2. Hi Rhonda,
    I Love your writings ,they always inspire me and motivate me.I look forward to reading them.I've always lived the simple side of life ,its worth all the effort ,joy. and peace.
    Thanks for all you share.

  3. Hi Rhonda,
    Just letting you know that you're an inspiration. I'm 21 with a baby and a husband, living an expatriate life in a city that worships money and spending, trying to do something different and better for my family and myself. We've just started on the path of sustainability, and are taking baby steps to do what we can. We read as much as we can to inspire and motivate us, and feel that our life becomes richer by the day, though we've implemented little, we aspire for much.

  4. I have to admit, I struggle to stay motivated at times. I seem to be very influenced by others around me. But the blogworld is really helping. Reading about other people's journeys and what they are doing - it's so inspiring. It such a great way to make friends with others who are attempting a similar journey too.

    I recently did a series on my own blog about our journey so far toward a more simpler life and that was a real eye opener for me. I think it was really beneficial for me to reflect on how far I have come already (even though I feel like I have so much further to go).

  5. I finished work at 6am this morning and hauled myself out of bed just over an hour ago and this post is just what I needed to read.
    I am feeling a little jaded today and was contemplating laying on the couch til dinner time and then buying take away but you have perked me up and reminded me that with just a little effort I still have time to achieve something worthwhile today.
    So I'm off to vacuum, mop, wipe over the bathroom, wash the towels and plan some dinner before I head off to babysit my 4 nieces and nephews tonight :)

  6. I got my cloth from the swap today, from Susan. It's beautiful, came with two lovely smelly soaps and was like a mystery parcel undoing the wrappings.

    Susan could you please post the pattern that you used, I love how much thicker and more sturdy this cloth is than any that I have made so far.

    cheers Lenny

  7. Rhonda your words inspire me every day and I have started putting some of your ideas in place. I'm time poor (isn't everyone) but with a baby and a newly turned 3 year old, I find I have to stop my chores and play and mother. Somtimes this frustrates me, but then I remind myself that sharing childhood joys and being in the moment with my boys is what living simply is all about?
    Thank you for your words of encouragement :-)

  8. You do motivate me Rhonda and I can't thank you enough. I aspire to lead a life of elegant simplicity like you and H. Keep up the fantastic posts :)

  9. I find surrounding myself with like-minded people with the blogs I read & the forums I vist really helps. I've felt increasingly removed from several forums because they no longer reflect where I am and what I'm striving for.

    Thank you Rhonda & all of the other blogs I read for being an inspiration to me!

  10. well said! thank you for the timely reminder!

  11. It has been said already, but you are a true inspiration rhonda. I look forward to coming here each and every day. I also like books and movies to keep me inspired. I am fairly new on the journey of simplicity so please keep those inspirational words coming!!


  12. Well, what I was trying to say is this: I adopted simple living and frugality because I was sick of living in a mindset of over-indulgence.

    I find motivation thinking about the women that went before me who had outhouses, my grandmother for example, and those who had to kill before they could prepare meals.

    Many ladies had to draw water from a well to heat in order to wash dishes or bathe.

    I want to learn and understand how to be resourceful, independent and FREE of the mindset of Over Indulgence.

  13. lovely.

    By the bye would you email me please? I was hoping to ask you something. My email address is in my profile. Thank you.

  14. Hi! I just discovered your blog. I followed a link from Jewels and then a friend sent me a link to it the very same day! I'm enjoying browsing back through your archives a bit, as I have time. I'm especially enjoying your "green" household cleaners, etc., as this is a new skill we're learning. You have shared a lot of great information. Thanks.

  15. you are such a motivation Rhonda, as are the other bloggers who I vists daily online :)

  16. Dear Rhonda-this is my first time posting on your site. I have been visiting for a few weeks,though. I found your site through Jewels' site. I love the dishcloth swap. I have been keeping track of all the pretty dishcloths and soaps that you ladies have been sending eachother.I loved your post about motivation. It really helped me with my household chores today. Thankyou and blessings, Rose Mason

  17. Thank you all for your lovely comments. Phelan, I've emailed you. Rose Mason, thank you for stopping by. I hope you'll join our next swap. It will be on soom. : )


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