29 August 2007

Catch up day

I live a very fortunate life. My husband and I have been hard workers all our lives and we are now enjoying the fruits of that hard work. We don’t have a lot of money, and don’t need a lot, but we live our days as we choose and generally squeeze as much as we can from each day. One of the things I really love about my life now is that I can give something back to the community. I choose to do voluntary work for two days at my local Neighbourhood Centre where we look after the needs of the homeless and disadvantaged. I love that job. It allows me contact with people I wouldn’t normally meet, it gives me real satisfaction to help the people who come in, I write, teach, organise, hug, make cups of tea, give tissues, answer the phone, attend meetings and talk. Yep, talking is one of the requirements of my job, and I make sure I do a lot of it. LOL

So when I come home after my two days work, I’m really tired. It’s physically and mentally challenging work. Monday and Tuesday nights I sleep like a log. But when I get up on Wednesday morning I feel joyous and re-energized by my time spent at that job. I don’t know why I’m lucky enough to have this life.

Today is my catch up day. On Wednesday I do the things not done on Monday and Tuesday so I’ve already done a bit of gardening, I’ve made some vegetable soup for our main meal today and I’ll bake some hot bread for us to eat with it. I also have to check my sauerkraut, tidy up the bedroom and make the bed, sweep the floors and the verandahs. Later I’ll do some sewing. It will be a good day, a day to enjoy time at home, play with the dogs, collect eggs, take photos, experience everything I can, maybe learn something and be thankful that H and I are healthy and breathing.

Oh, I also wanted to mention that I watched a small portion of a brilliant concert on ABC2 last evening. I was washing up and H called me to come watch something – it was Keith Richards and Willie Nelson singing together, after them was Merle Haggard and Jerry Lee Lewis. It was a wonderful thing to see. Did anyone else watch this? I’d like to know what the concert was.



  1. Rhonda
    I can feel your happiness and your contentment thru your posts..You and H are so blessed....OOhhh i love Willie and Merle, that would have been so good to see Keith Richards and Willie singing together i cant imagine them together ?????

  2. I love that Goethe saying. I have it on a card in a frame :)

    Hope you have an enjoyable catch up day Rhonda

  3. Hello dear friend, just flying in before crawling into bed. This was a nice warm fuzzy, homey post. I think I'll have to read it one more time before I go. I have been on the go, go, go, with all the great stuff that's been happening here, and am hoping that tomorrow might be my quiet day. Love your writing. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely life. You're so very dear. ((Rhonda Jean)) and a friendly hello to H :o)
    Lovingly, your pal, Jewels

  4. Keith and Willie...lol, I've always loved Keith ...remember loving him when I was at school (which was a bit odd for my age as it was the early 1980's,:0) never did much like the musicians of my generation!!). Hey Rhonda, you mention making your bed a few times.....I follow the advice of another simple living pioneer who suggested NOT make your bed!! but let it air and freshen up that way. Then if you still like to get into a made bed, you can make it later on in the day. She also suggested putting sheets on the clothes line to freshen and get that lovely smell of sunshine. This all results in a reduction of excessive washing.

  5. I watched the Willie concert(again) on Monday night, I think it was called Willie Nelson and Friends. I saw The Highwaymen in concert a few years ago and it was the best concert I've ever been to:)
    Hubby is a HUGE fan.
    I love this post! Reading it reminds me that the ordinary things in life are what give your life rythm and meaning. My attitude to many 'ordinary' things has changed alot since I have been reading your blog Rhonda, I now truly enjoy so many of the simple things in life.

  6. yes Robin, I'm one lucky gal. According to Michelle below, the concert was Willie and Friends. I'm going to look for it and hope it's repeated again soon.

    I love it too, Ali. That Goethe quote and the Thoreau quote about knowing the sublimne by experience are my two favourite quotes. : )

    Hello lovely Jewels. I'm glad you stopped by, you'll be soundly sleeping as I write this. Congratulations on baby Maggie. I just know your heart is full of love for her already.

    Hi Bella. Yeah, Keith is quite something, isn't he? I don't always make my bed in summer, so it will air out during the day, but I still sort of make the bed by carefull folding down the sheet and light summer quilt. My sister, who is now visiting this blog, might disagree, but I do not like the look of an unmade bed.

    Hello Michelle, are you the Michelle from ALS from Sha...Park? Anyhow, it was a fabulous concert. The music was great and they looked like they enjoyed it so much. Pity Kid Rock had to come on to spoil that. LOL I told H he was too young to be there. ; ) I'm pleased the blog is helping you work towards a simpler life for yourself.

  7. Yes Rhonda it is the same Michelle :)

  8. My favourite quote is from Pablo Casals, contemplating the state of the world -
    "The situation is hopeless. [pause]We must take the next step."
    It always gives me a lift.

  9. I am a regular reader of your blog and have found many of your articles useful and have passed along your site to my cousin. We are both trying to save money and go more green.

    I have a question for you...while I was gone away with my friends my husband pierced the water line on the refrigerator and flooded our basement (2-3 inches of water). Without having to rip up the carpet what would you recommmend to take the odor out. I am going to try baking soda today, but also feel I may need to do something else. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you for you input.

    Wendy - www.simplesnowstitches.blogspot.com

  10. hello Wendy. We're dealing with a burst water pipe on our dishwasher here, onto our floating wood floor.

    With carpet, you'll have to get every drop of water out of the carpet and the underlay. Do you have one of those wet vacs? If so, use that with some white vinegar in it, vacuum the entire carpet and then dry it out with fans or whatever you have there. When the carpet is completely dry, sprinkle liberally with borax and leave it for a couple of days, then vacuum it up. Empty the vacuum into a bag into your rubbish bin to dispose of the borax.

    Good luck.


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