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Hello all ! The seed swap is now closed and the swap buddies will be posted on Friday, April 18. I would like to thank everyone for their intrest in this swap and we will try to do another seed swap for the Fall/Spring Seasons (depending on where you live). If there is anyone in Western Australia who hasn't signed up for the seed swap and wishes to, please e-mail me (Sharon) at: cdetroyes at yahoo dot com as we have only one swapper from Western Australia and we would love to have her included. Happy swapping!


  1. I have sent you an email. I'm from WA and meant to join up for this!

  2. hi..i'm hopping around here..nice, informative page you have. keep updating..have a great day!

  3. Sharon - have the details describing the seed swap (amounts, dates, etc) been worked out yet? Or will those be posted when the swap buddies are announced? Or did I miss that message/blog note completely...!
    Carla in No.ID

  4. No, Carla, you didn't miss a thing. We are going to let the swap buddies work out what they want to swap and how much. I will post a closing date though, when I post the swap buddies on Friday. If this swap works well, I think that we all would like to do it again in the Fall/Spring. This is a first, so we are experimenting a bit.


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