11 April 2008
I received an email about Swaptree a couple of days ago. It's a swapping service for you to swap books, CDs, video games and DVDs. There is no joining fee and you only pay the postage for the swap. It looks good to me but I can't try it as it looks like it's an America only service. If you do check it out and it's as good as it looks, or if it's not as good as promised, please let me know. Hopefully it will help you save a few dollars by swapping instead of buying.

You can check it out here and here.


  1. Wow, Rhonda, that looks fabulous. I probably won't try it until after we move (although it's tempting!), but I will definitely try it and let you know. Thanks! Love that they'll try to match you up with someone close to you first.

  2. One of my favorite sites is Paperbackswap.com, which does the same thing but just with books. I've saved a ton of money this way! I think it is also U.S. only but I'm not sure.

  3. I can vouch for PaperBackSwap too. They have sister sites SwapaCD and SwapaDVD .

  4. Rhonda, why cant we organise an Aussie one, I know you are flat out but it could work through your blog as you have the following. I would love to be involved in it. Marlo

  5. There's a yahoo group in UK called 'For Postage Only' which is quite good. :)

  6. Here in the uk we have readitswapit.co.uk where you swap and pay postage, and slightly different, greenmetropolis.com where you can buy and sell second hand books and a proportion of the money goes to the woodland trust. Both sites are great!

  7. As a librarian I just have to say...remember to use your local library! Here in the US you can get any book from any library you want through interlibrary loan (for free) :)

  8. I use paperbackswap as well....has certainly saved me money big time as I'm a book lover!

  9. I used readitswapit (UK book swapping) for a while, but found that postage costs could be quite high.

    I agree about encouraging use of public libraries - it's what they are there for.

    I tend to use charity shops (thrift shops?) as a library service too - I buy a couple of cheap paperbacks on my way to the train station, every so often and then just donate them back when I've done - sometimes at a different shop in another town on the same day, if I have read the book on a long journey!

    Charity shops are also good for getting really cheap VHS cassettes (if you still have a player). they are great for getting classic films, kids films, exercise videos for around 50 UK pence each, and when you're done with them the shop is happy to receive them back to sell on again.


  10. Hi Rhonda Jean

    Just wondered if anyone has ever told you you bear a striking resemblence to a british actress called Roberta Taylor??


  11. i use swaptree.com and LOVE it. just a great idea well executed.

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