More Shopping totes

from Annemarie to Karen from Barbara to Leanne
from Barbara to Leanne
from Susan to Hannah from Karen to Pip
I have received more photos of the shopping totes. Wow are you ladies creative and great seamstresses! Rhonda has asked me to select the most creative and I do believe that will be the hardest job I have done in years since they are all so creative and so pretty!


  1. The totes you've shown us are so pretty! I wish I had signed up but just didn't have the time to sew one up for somebody! I hope you had a wonderful birthday party! Mine is tomorrow (13th) and we are celebrating with family. Cheers!


  2. They are all so pretty! I regret not signing up for that swap. Hopefully someday you will have another one? I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  3. Hi Kristina. Happy birthday, darling! I'm sure you'll have a lovely day with your family.

    Hi *a*, we'll continue with the swaps and maybe revisit the tote bags again.


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