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9 April 2008

My sister Tricia arrives tonight! Excitement is beginning to rise. Kathleen and Kerry arrive on Saturday.

I've had two fairly quiet days at work with a little bit of housework when I come home. Beds have been made, pillows fluffed up, Hanno cleaned windows yesterday, the lawn is mown - I think we're almost ready for our visitors. The weather has been quite cool, so it's a pleasure to work away knowing I'm preparing my home to share with my sisters, and son, and the friends who'll arrive on Saturday to have lunch with us all.

Soon, bottoms will fill these chairs, we'll drink tea and catch up on things not discussed over the phone or in emails. We will all help prepare the food for lunch, we have wine and beer for those who want it, and local organic coffee and organic tea for those who don't. I've changed the menu as we have a few men coming along now and I know they struggle with not eating meat - my son included. The new menu is spinach pie, homemade macaroni and cheese, beef lasagne and if I have time, a vegetable lasagne. I'll make bread, and butter from local cream, and serve some local cheese. Dessert will be a coffee and brandy cake.

I have to go to the shops to pick up a few things after work tonight and then I'll drive into Brisbane to pick up Tricia who is flying in from Sydney, due at 8.30pm. Good times.

I know there are quite a few ladies reading my blog who came to me from Jewels, and I've had emails from some who want to know how she is and if she is blogging. I received an email from Jewels yesterday. She isn't blogging - she invited a small number of us to her private blog just after she shut down public access - but that only lasted a few days, then she closed it. The family moved and she hasn't gone back to her blog again, although it is something she might do in the future. For the time being, she and her family are happy and well and enjoy being in their new home. She is praying that Hanno and I will travel over to visit them. I have invited Jewels to do a guest post here but she's very busy so it might be a long time coming. I'm sure many of you wish her well and I'll tell her that when I reply later this week.


  1. Oh yes, missing Jewels very much! I am so glad she emailed you. So glad they are settling in to their new home. I do so wish she was blogging again. Thank you for passing on the message, and as always, thank you for your lovely blog. Do enjoy your time with your family and friends!

  2. I hope you have a great time with your family...sounds like lots of good conversation and yummy food.

    My best to Jewels. I am glad that she is content in her new home, and I look forward to her guest post.

    Best wishes,

    Anna Marie

  3. It all sounds wonderful, Rhonda. I hope they all appreciate how lucky they are getting homemade butter and all those other goodies! It all looks really welcoming too. Have a wonderful time tonight and a safe drive home.

    All the best, Marilyn

  4. Hi Rhonda Jean,
    Finally delurking.. found you through Jewels and now I enjoy your blog so much, as it is much how I was raised... simple living etc.
    I do miss Jewels and you can pass along my desire to read her blog, if she resumes, again.
    Enjoy time with your family. All the food sounds delicious. It all sounds cozy and fun.
    I met some wonderful Australian friends the three years my husband and I were living in Singapore(2002-2005) through his job.
    Thanks for your wonderful words each day.

  5. Hi Rhonda Jean :) Have you on my mind tonight - hoping that your visit will be a lovely time! I love sister time, don't you?Looking forward to hearing more about it...

    Thanks so much for the update on Jewels.

    Love, Q

  6. Thanks so much for the update on Jewels. I miss reading her beautiful blog, but wish her well. Sounds like a guest post might work out very well here. Perhaps she could recycle one of her previous posts?

    Enjoy your guests!

  7. I too miss Jewels! She was such a calm, quiet spot in my day. I was blessed and mentored by so many of her beautiful writings. I think of her all the time when I use my was she who turned me on to decorating my own blank journals so beautifully by using old magazine photos etc. Please tell her she is VERY missed, and that I, and others, pray all is well as she and her family make memories in their new home.

    ~Kelly in Minnesota

  8. Hi Rhonda-have fun with your family! The food sounds yummy, but the best part is family.

  9. I too love fussing over my family when they gather for family det togethers.

    Enjoy your time with yours i am sure they will.

    Just a question though ....did your family accept your lifestyle straight away or was it a gradual process?The reason i ask is my hubby and i are selling our home and moving to a rented property so we can give up work(live on the sproceeds of the sale) and aim to be self sufficient ,our decision has met with mixed reactions from family and friends

    Sharron in the UK

  10. Hi Rhonda, have a wonderful time with your family gathered around you. Warm wishes, Diana

  11. Hi Rhonda, hopw you habe a good time with family over. Your blog is always an inspiration, so when I received the "you Cheer Me Up" award from a friend I knew one blog I would have to pass it on to! Here is a link to the post that shows the code for putting it on your blog:

    Thanks once again for being an inspiration.

  12. Well, it just proves the point that God allows us to cross paths with people and we are all the more blessed. When Jewels was blogging, I adored her blog. From hers, I found yours, and I very much enjoy you my friend. I am just thankful God allowed me to find you! You are a blessing to me Rhonda Jean! :)

  13. I, too, found you through Jewels. I do miss her writings. Give her my best also. Has she by chance, responded to my inquiry about the skirt pattern I asked if you'd ask her? It was a while back so you may have forgotten.

    Have a wonderful visit with your family too!

  14. Oh,I do miss Jewels! Thank you for the update on her and her dear family!
    I hope that you too enjoy time with your family! It sounds like you are all ready!


  15. Have a great time with your family enjoying their company...Oh i miss reading Jewels blog and so glad things are going well with her family..


  16. Happy Brithday, Rhonda, and yes, it is tax day in the U. S.
    Please tell Jewels that we are praying for her and her family, and thanks to you both for all of your careful inspiration!


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