Swap Photos

28 April 2008
Hello ladies! I am in the process of moving all the tote photos to a flickr account. The address is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/down-to-earth_swap_photos/
I am still in the process of moving photos, so if you don't see yours up yet, don't get worried, as it may take a while to get everything sorted out. Those of you who sent photos using 'photobucket' will need to send me a jpeg attachment so that I can upload it to flickr. Once you get to flickr you can click on each photo for the "tag" --who sent it and to whom it was sent. Please be patient while I finish switching all the photos. Eventually, I will move all the swaps photos to flickr groups, but this may take a few weeks.


  1. WooHoo! There are some incredible crafty ladies out there. I love all the bags! Cherrie

  2. Thanks for doing this Sharon. It will make it much easy for everyone to simply click on flickr and see all the wonderful photos shared here by our readers.


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